Hello and thank you for taking the time to consider helping my sister, Allison Carreiro.  Let me explain the situation to you.  Allison is a living in Leavenworth, Washington which basically a small, rural town in the mountains.  For the past few years she has been living and working at a resort that primariy hosts weddings and has cabins for vacation rentals.  She lives in a basement apartment of one of those cabins. Due to the pandemic, weddings and vacation rentals and generally just the service industry has been hit pretty hard.  Her hours have been increasingly less.  They have shut down due to COVID outbreaks with the staff.  Overall it has been a pretty rough time.  She has also sustained an injury to her back and wrist that has made some of her duties increasingly more difficult.  However, despite the issues she has continued forward.  She has continued to try her hardest and work even when it hurt. She never quit.  She never lost hope.  She kept strong through her faith in God and kept praying for help.  Unfortuntely, things have gotten worse. The basement apartment shes lives in sustained a water leak and now has mold damange.  She has been living with mold in her basemet apartment for longer than she realized and she has now had a bad reaction to it.  She has broken out in a rash and is unable to work.  She has to move and she has to move  now, but she is lacking the money to do so.   Please help my sister.  I would love to help her more, but I am a a single mother of 2 and I live in Texas.  I cannot physically or financially help her no matter how much I wish I could.   If you can, please help her even it if is only a small amount.  Everything helps.  Not only does she need to move,m but she needs a place to move to and possibly to replace some items that she cannot santize properly to rid them of the mold spores.   We are only trying to raise $2,500 because she is not looking for massive help, just enough to get her out of the current situation and on to a better one.  Thank  you for your consideration.