After being targeted by media witch-hunts and an unjust and immoral FBI investigation, Ali Alexander is now facing an illegal subpoena from the unlawful January 6 Committee of the United States House of Representatives and multiple civil suits.

He needs your help!

Ali has been cleared at every stage, yet his detractors keep abusing the legal and judicial process to bankrupt him and prevent him from defending himself.

Ultimately, they're really after you.  But we are going to protect you. 

Democrats want to bankrupt Ali Alexander and take out Trump's best supporters and organizers before the 2022 House and Senate elecitons and before any potential 2024 presidential run. This is how they'll prevent us from addressing or fixing 2020 first or winning future elections--tying us up with legal bills. 

Defending Ali Alexander before Congress is going to cost $100,000 by our estimates. Ali is already tens of thousands of dollars in. 100% of your donation goes to help Ali's legal battes against Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the lynching Democrats.

We're represented by strong, patriotic conservative fighters. They're going to fight for our constitutional rights and to protect our records. Democrats have no business violating the First Amendment. 

We did nothing wrong on January 6th. Still, Democrats are hunting for a crime and embarassing information on private citizens as a way to shut us up and shut you up.

Please help Ali. He's been deplatformed, unbanked, and now he's accused or all kinds of conspiracies when he did nothing but peacefully organize millions of Americans from his living room and traveling around the country. He's difficult to find, unless you're on Telegram or Gab where you can always find him, and they're using that to smear his name. Fight for Ali. He fought for our votes; he fought for Trump too. No one is footing his legal bills. He needs we the people.

Don't let these Demonic Democrats bankrupt Ali and send him to jail. Don't let them end this beautiful election integrity movement we started. 

Ali Alexander is proudly represented by Baron Coleman, Esq., Paul Kamenar, Esq., and Joseph McBride, Esq. These patriots know how to fight and how to win! 

Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to this effort are considered gifts to Ali Alexander.

Your donation will be received by Baron Coleman Law Firm, LLC’s trust account and used solely for legal fees. Fees will be paid to Baron Coleman Law Firm, LLC, The McBride Law Firm, PLLC, Paul D. Kamenar, Esq., or other lawyers or law firms retained by Ali Alexander.

— Ali Alexander Legal Team