How to Help Black Americans Permanently


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How to Help Black Americans Permanently

Whites and others can no longer afford to take care of millions of Black people. We must put systems, legal structures and concepts in place to take care of ourselves that we create, develop and implement. There is no such reality or actuality as “Racial Inequality”, “Economic Inequality” or a “Racial Wealth Gap”. What millions characterize as “Inequalities” are actually “Disparities” or noticeable differences. This is why nothing can be done about “Inequalities”. However, a great deal can be done to end “Disparities”. The “Racial Wealth Gap” is also a “Disparity” – not a “Gap”. The Association for the Creation and Development of New Age Corporations (“ACDNAC”) came into existence to - “Solve Black America’s Problems Not Manage Them” – like so many 501c3s are doing and have been doing for decades.

ACDNAC is the only not for profit Black American organization in the world that advocates community based and owned “New Age Corporations” for genuine economic empowerment. The reason why all these "Disparities” exist as Black American and Black African reality constructs is because the vast majority of Black people in America and elsewhere have no interest in creating or doing what it takes to earn wealth. What millions really want is for the world to give them wealth and security. Fungibility, innovation, product and/or service creation and development and investing in the means of production create long term wealth, not jobs, status and/or welfare checks. Without productivity, no genuine personal, group or national wealth can exist of any kind.

Donating millions to the NAACP, CORE, the Urban League and hundreds of other similar 501c3s will not change the economic nightmare millions of Black people will be facing in the next few years. “Production and Industry 4.0” are here to stay and Whites and others can no longer afford to keep millions of Black people on payrolls or on welfare at the expense of their own people. For the first time in America’s history, we, as Black people, will be on our own to sink or swim. By supporting ACDNAC and its “New Age Corporations”, you can end rioting, looting and burning that plagued over 40 major American cities in 2020 and it might even continue into 2021. "New Age Capitalism, Corporations and Thinking" can end these destructive acts forever.

We, as Black people, must rid ourselves of obsolete mindsets and self-limiting intellectual positions that have paralyzed millions for years. Instead of “Victimization”, we need “Self Realization”, Self Actualization” and “Self Determination”.  All the other empowerment programs and movements Black people have initiated have failed because they could not, did not, cannot and will not empower millions of Black people to participate in wealth creation simultaneously like “New Age Capitalism", "New Age Corporations" and "New Age Thinking” – and none had or have an “Economic Development Philosophy”. For 121 years; 1900-2021, no one in Black America considered using corporations and corporate law as effective tools to economically empower our people and create a meaningful future for Black children.

For the first time in our history in America and in Western civilization, Black children can have an economic foundation to stand on, or at the very least, reduce the need to rely on self debasing, stagnating and demoralizing welfare programs. I do not need to repeat the history of Black people in America in this presentation. You already know this history. Black America’s failure as a people must also come to an end and we must be held accountable and responsible for these failures not only in America, in Black Africa as well. Many use "Racism" as a method, means and reason to disguise the worldwide failures in Black society.

After 2008, "Racism" is now an excuse, not a real reason. In 2020, Black Americans; as an ethnic group, still do not own any major banks, industries, distribution facilities, factories or plants, no major research and development facilities, companies or corporations, no competitive technology companies or corporations or financial institutions, no competitive and no major companies involved in discovering new natural resources or raw material/s for industrial development or for maintaining a technologically oriented and modern, post industrial, and/or industrial civilization.

The vast majority of the dollars that Black Americans receive come from White America and the bulk of these dollars are not spent on improving conditions in neighborhoods, on schools, on the environment, research or on anything else that can stabilize or maintain complex socioeconomic or geopolitical systems. The vast majority of these dollars are spent on consumer goods and/or services and not on capital goods and/or services. According to reliable information sources, billions of dollars flow into and out of Black hands. Even though this figure impresses many, it is not as beneficial as it seems.

When you start deducting the cost of government programs, state run prison systems to house Black inmates, schools and colleges to educate Black children, medical and institutional care, welfare, daycare, the hidden cost of a myriad of additional programs that must be funded in order to maintain Black America, White America is actually running a deficit and not experiencing any real profits, benefits or appreciation. Until recently, all White America was getting were fewer riots, looting and burning.  Well in 2020, rioting, looting and burning returned with an even more debilitating mindset and mentality – “Black Lives Matter”.

Have massive cash outlays, appeasements, concessions, legal mandates and putting more Black people on TV, in the movies, on the radio, in government; as well as, everywhere else, stopped any rioting, looting and burning? The answer is No. Every destructive statistic can still be found in Black America and this is after every conceivable effort has been made to improve our condition and position since 1965. Consequently; jobs, careers, status, positions, as well as government income from food stamps to minority set asides, at every possible level, type and kind is the norm...not the exception. It has become so pervasive, until the average Black American is afflicted with an entitlement mentality that must be done away with if our people are going to move forward into the 21st century.

With just a fraction of the dollars donated to Black 501c3s, we can educate, facilitate and help our people create “New Age Corporations. As a race, and as American citizens, we absolutely must do more for ourselves, not less. A complete overview of ACDNAC exists at this website, A synopsis of ACDNAC's "Economic Development Philosophy" is in this book entitled; "The Approved Exposés On Otis C. Harrison's How To Save Black Americans From Themselves With New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations And New Age Thinking".  Go to When the book is purchased from this website, all  the payment received by the author is used to fund ACDNAC.

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