Abigail (Crystal) is a wife and mother who has been through so much in her young life. Now, she is facing another great battle. After lots of health issues that no one could explain, doctors finally found some answers. Abigail has a rare brain disorder called idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). Symptoms mimic a brain tumor though no tumor is present. It involves a build up cerebrospinal fluid and is very serious. She has been dealing with severe pain and altered vision and without treatment could go blind permanently.

Abigail and her husband already have $7,000 dollars of medical debt and need an additional $3,000 in order see the specialist she needs. Medication so far has not been effective. Time is important in protecting her health and vision, but money is blocking her care. Would you consider giving to this wonderful mother who just wants to be their for her husband and sweet child? After all she has endured in her lifetime, I know this would greatly encourage her.

Prayer and notes of encourgement also mean the world to her. So please feel free to leave messages for her on this page. She is struggling a lot with discouragment as you can imagine. If you would like to do more, please contact me to discuss. 

God bless,