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My son, Gabriel C. Metcalf, is in Federal Lockup for exercising his constitutional rights. He is being held without bail. He has no criminal record, never threatened anyone, he never pointed a gun at anyone, he never assaulted anyone. He is a peaceful person. He was defending me, my home and our pets against a serial stalker that tried to kill us, poisoned our whole property and threatened to burn us out and kill our pets. While under a restraining order/protective order, he assaulted my son, was convicted of  ASSULT - BODILY INJURY and VIOLATION OF AN ORDER OF PROTECTION. 

We have been under siege from this serial stalker and his gang of friends for 2 years. My son has had to defend us our pets and our home, giving up potential employment and business opportunities. Because my son was exercising his First and Second Amendment Rights, the Billings police contacted us and have publicly stated that they could not arrest my son because he was not committing any crimes. Because my house is across the street from a school the Billings police conspired with the Federal ATF to arrest my son on charges that he violated the federal Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA), even though the GFSZA was found unconstitutional in 1994.

I am now deprived of anyone to defend myself, my home and my pets. 

The ATF arrested my son unarmed away from my house while I was with him. The ATF had a search warrant, they asked for and took the keys to my house from my purse and then kicked open my front door. They seized Gabriel's 20-gauge single shot shotgun with his 6 cartridges. I am now unarmed and unable to defend myself. 

I have to leave my house to work at my for wages job and for my alteration's shop. When I am away my home and pets are defenseless and unprotected.

Because of these attacks I don't have a working car. I rely on public transportation. For a 71-year-old, that can be challenging! 

This case, I am told, may go all the way to the Supreme Court. He is being held without bail until trial which could be years. 

My son, Gabriel, has a public defender. To aid in his defense I need to pay for investigators and legal experts and to fight for his release on bail. We need to secure our home and protect our pets   Recently i was sick with covid followed by pneumonia. I was out of work for two months. I don't have the funds.

Helping Gabiel defend the constitution defends everyone's constitutional rights. I know i can't do this by myself. I need the help of others. Thank you for YOUR help.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Vivian M Young


Update #2
September 18, 2023
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I hope that this week the judge will grant a release hearing, Come his Friday will bee one full month in lockup. No bail. No new release hearing. I really don' understand how this is just. I do, however, have faith in the court appointed attorney. 

This is depressing, as you can imagine, but knowing that all you out there are behind us, give me hope and a renewed faith in my fellow citizens. (and helps me not go "off the rails", so to speak.

I thank you all for your prayers/energy and contributions. 



Update #1
September 9, 2023
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9/8/23 I heard from his lawyer this morning. He is requesting a court appearance next week to see if Gabriel could be released. I don't know if it will be with bail or not.

I feel like this is what is done in 3rd world countries. Not here in the US of A! 

 I'll keep ya'all posted.


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