As Christians against abortion, we always knew that meant for our family, God was also calling us to adopt. We submitted an application to adopt from the Philippines and as as we started the process we questioned whether or not it would be wiser for our family to adopt an embryo baby while mom was still young and healthy enough to carry an adopted embryo baby frozen in storage. 

After hearing about the embryo adoptions of a couple friends recently, we decided to look into the process and apply. After looking at the list of an agency we'd worked with in the past and saved for the future, our hearts were struck by a little mixed asian baby. He or she was in a group of only one embryo, and just like our little half filipino genetic children already at home. We thought this little baby would fit right in, so we inquired!

While thinking and praying about whether to apply, we learned through our agency that the couple no longer wants to keep on paying the storage fees past the end of this month, March and plan to have the embryo discarded. 

We are asking the Christian community to surround us as we have decided to say yes to this little one urgently, and that means getting the fees paid now, not next month! We are asking for the application fee and legal fee to take over care of this little one. 

After the goal has been met to do this, we plan to raise it to include the fees for an IVF cycle to get the little one implanted into mom's womb. It shouldn't be more than 10,000$ total, and it may be less, so we will update it as we find out what fees will be needed to do this.

God Bless, we are excited and thank you for loving our littlest baby as we love even the tiny least of these!