We are 30 people fighting United Airlines because of their disregard for our religious convictions, and their heavy handed mandate of an untested drug.  While they may have plenty to spend, we need help from everyone who believes that regardless of your situation, no employer should be able to force you to take a drug or else get fired.  If UAL can get away with it ignoring religious convictions and forcing compliance, then every employer will try. Donations will only be spent to help us pay the expenses that are involved with a law suit of this importance.  Your one-time gift or monthly donation will be appreciated.  If thousands of believers give $10 per month, the tables will be leveled.  Together we will ensure that this won’t ever happen again.  This is where we are Standing.  Stand firm with us!  

We are pilots, flight attendants, maintenance specialists, technicians, ramp service and customer service specialists, and we are asking for help.  Look, Think, Pray and Act!  Thank you and Bless You!