“We The People” of Southeastern NC are proud and excited to team up with Banners 4 Freedom to BRING MORE TRUTH to your commute.

Contributions to this campaign go towards billboard messaging in the Greater Wilmington Metropolitan Area.

For way too long, a corrupted system has remained unchecked, but it is now being forced out of the shadows and into the light. This campaign is here to call attention to the truth; locally, regionally, nationally, and all across this earth. 

"We The People” have the power to take back control peacefully, and legally.  We just forgot how to use it and have been lulled into passiveness. It’s time now that we awaken, remember who we are, and what we stand for.

Thank you for your patriotism and for your contribution to a free and bright future for generations to come. The best is indeed yet to come.


Due to a totally corrupt and inept media, people are taking the experimental gene therapy shot without knowledge of the enormous number of adverse effects, permanent injuries and deaths that are occurring as a result of receiving it. We want to share the "reported" numbers with everyone contemplating taking the “vaccine”, so that they may make an informed decision. Since the media won’t tell the truth about the adverse reactions due to the COVID-19 “vaccines” we are bringing this data, along with other messages and promoting organizations of truth, to our fellow Americans through a nation wide billboard and media campaign by raising funds from We The People!

We have begun to put these Banners of Truth up all across the US, starting in the North Texas region. As of June 1st, 2022, we have raised over 170 outdoor billboards in 30+ states, 500+ indoor billboards in over 400 venues, bus benches and mobile digital trucks. The Lord also provided us a huge corner billboard in New York City on the side of the ABC building right in the middle of Times Square. Our goal is to Raise a Banner in every state throughout our country!

We have entered the time of a Great Spiritual Awakening where the Lord Jesus is establishing His Kingdom here on earth. We are taking authority over the tools the enemy has used to propagate his lies and are Raising a Banner of Truth in its place. With Him nothing is impossible! To God be the Glory!

Always remember, God Wins! WWG1WGA

Robert & Jaime Agee
Roman's 8:28

AWK interview: 4.14.22: TWO wonderful LIVES put together for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! PRAY!