Help the White Australian Community have an eternal home.

My intention was to make this fundraiser in the New Year. Instead, I am making it on Christmas day due to a terrorist attack against one of our families yesterday in the early hours of Christmas eve. It has become evident that state-backed terrorism is being used against our community for our explicit stand for White Australians and other White peoples around the world. The police and media are burying the bombing of our families because it is in the system’s interest to terrorise White people who advocate for Whites.

We are European-descended people living in Australia, building a physical and politicised White Australian Community. Our mission is simple: The Preservation and Advancement of White people in Australia.

Our initial goal is to build a flagship of our 'Parallel Society Model' in Victoria, Australia, for the purpose of securing safe and independent living space for our families.

We are scouting rural properties with fertile soil and clean water systems to sustain the foundational wave of up to a dozen families in homesteading.

Our plan is to divide up the land into these homesteads of anywhere from 1 to 10 acres, to leave a portion of land aside for a community centre for weddings, functions, education and political works, and leave the rest for grazing livestock until further families join.

We will not be giving up the cities our ancestors built, we are simply securing a future for our children, where they can be raised away from those who are trying to harm them.

Our parallel community project is one half of a two-pronged survival strategy, the other half being the Active Club and political activism carried out in the cities and towns. Setting up more gyms and building more activists is just as crucial from a political standpoint, but the foundation of our power and independence will come from having our own land and institutions that can in turn fund and support our city projects to save more of our people and take back what is rightfully ours.

The money raised for this Project will go towards securing our land, livestock, constructing our community buildings and important infrastructure. 

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

Thank you,
Thomas Sewell,
Leader of the White Australian Community.