On June 9, 2022, the FBI showed up at Gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley’s home and raided it.  He was arrested in front of his wife and children on alleged misdemeanors charges in conjunction with the January 6th events in DC.  This is an egregious overreach and weaponizing of our government against US citizens, for expressing their first amendment right to peacefully assemble and gather.  While Ryan has always been up front and honest about his peaceful attendance on January 6th, he never entered the Capitol Building and is not being charged with entering.  He is however being charged with misdemeanors on the allegations of being around or on  government barricades/grounds.  This is a weak attempt to discredit Ryan by people who are threatened by what Ryan stands for; freedom and Liberty.  This is not just an attack on Ryan, but an attack on every last US citizen.  We are asking for donations to help fund Ryan’s legal defense team, as he fights these outrageous charges.