Hi, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about who we are and what we are doing to help the Ranchers of New Mexico. Second I would like to let you know we are doing this documentary with the only major costs being gas and hotel and the Editing and Production is pro bono and we will give however much we can give to support our fellow citizens of New Mexico.

Our way of life on many fronts is under attack, and sometimes just getting the news out there can make a difference in getting support for our citizens.

There's a few major battlefronts our ranchers are facing: Forest fires destroying livelihoods and homes, Mexican Gray wolves killing cattle and livelihood of ranchers, and in Otero County, Ranchers are being bullied with capricious AOI's (Annual Operating Instructions) which is calling for our long time Otero County Rancher to cut their head(amount of cattle) from 412 head to 103 head due to "overgrazing" which the cattle is also blamed for.

We performed a tour with Yvette Herrel, the Otero County Commissioners, National Forest Service, Fellow Ranchers, and Concerned Citizens, and the conclusion after the tour of the forage is, the elk have overgrazed prior to ranchers being able to use the forage and the national forest service has cited our ranchers for non-compliance when their end of the agreement was to keep the elk numbers at 1000 but many would guess the elk population is at about 18k or more.

We've already helped with footage with some simple gear for the tour with our local officials, but we will be starting to get high quality video coverage of our ranchers in the upcoming weeks. People within our state usually don't know what's going on in other parts of the state let alone the nation knowing what's happening to New Mexico Citizens with Government overreach, and that's where we come in. We are linked with some National platforms that can get the word out, and we are also apart of New Mexico's biggest grassroots team for non-partisan support.

We are more than capable of getting our citizen's voices heard with high quality equipment, at an extremely low cost. With the amount of counties that have confirmed, the budget included will allow us to accomplish this Documentary.

We know there's other ranchers and private business owners who have their story and currently we have 5 counties on board to join the documentary to get their story heard in one of the episodes. However much of our time and skill we can give to aid our ranchers and local business owners, we will give it, but we're asking for help with this one.

Spike, Kelly, and many others who we will soon meet in their counties are choosing to stand against the government neglect and overreach, and we are asking you join us in standing with them.

If other ranchers reach out to join the documentary we will adjust and do our best to include everyone willing to be apart of #WeTheRanchers "Ranching UNCANCELED Documentary". Currently the budget is set for 5 counties that have confirmed. Watch and share the little intro made on the fly, and expect the nation to hear New Mexico's voice in 2022!

Again THANK YOU for taking the time to read and join us in this fight alongside our ranchers.

Ben Luna and Micheal Head