#1 Goal is bringing the power back to the people and put current politicians on notice!

We the people are sick of current government representation not being Open, Honest and Transparent.  Our goal is to provide a platform to vet candidates that will act as a representative of the people.  Our current politicians seem to think they can censor what information they share with the people if the overlords of the party or special interest group(s) don't want information shared.  

With these funds here are some of our goals:

  1. Wrap 10-15 small trailers with our message and our grassroots volunteers pull them all over the state of WI promoting qualified candidates.
  2. Our grassroots volunteers will travel throughout WI to represent qualified candidates at events.
  3. Get as many traveling billboards as possible (aka 18-wheelers, trailers or vehicles of any type, etc)
  4. Help purchase signs and advertising to place on busy roadways


Please consider donating to our efforts!

Thank you!!