Help Me Fight My Unconstitutional Charges

Campaign Created by: Jenny Darling
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Goal : $6,500

Raised : $1,254

Givers : 26


On April 29, 2020, I was in the House (Capital Building) field reporting with press credentials, as I had done so since April 7, 2020. I was mistaken to be a protestor, and was recently charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. I am left with no choice but to defend myself to get these charges dropped, and We The People must also take a stand for fair and equal reporting. I need your help!

Additional details: in accordance with the United States Constitution, The Michigan Open Meetings Act, and having my press credentials - I was rightfully there, but was told to leave by Sergeant of Arms because only press was allowed. I stated that I had the right to be there and was not going to leave because I had press credentials. They did not care, and didn't bother to look at my press credentials until after The Michigan State Police were allowed in the room and got them off of me.

In fact, I requested that the police be called because on April 24 the Senate tried to tell us that we could not record the session, but The Michigan State Police made a human chain to protect us from The Senate employees, as they knew we had every right to be in there.

Instead of the police being called, the Sergeant of Arms told me that “he was the police.” He then grabbed me and dragged me down the pew of where I had been seated. This was done in a deliberate manner and I was manhandled. He had no protective gear on i.e. gloves or a mask on when he grabbed me from where I had been seated.

In the hall I requested an ambulance and they did not call an ambulance for me. I had to call them myself while being told I wasn't allowed to. I then went to the emergency room later that day and was unable to walk correctly, while suffering from emotional distress due to my PTSD being triggered.

The next day I went to my family doctor and was told that I had a concussion. In addition to the concussion, I had bruises all over my body and was in
excruciating pain because of the man handling of the Sergeant of Arms. I suffered a hip pointer injury, cervical nerve traction injury, a bruised rib, and had to use a cane and shoulder sling for a few days. It took me over 6 weeks to heal from these injuries.


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