Imagine waking up one day and learning someone you loved had Cancer?

Someone WE love is living that nightmare.

Sarah is fighting for her health and her family as she battles AO brain cancer. She is married to her best friend, Jarrett. And is mother to three wonderful kids: Racqueline who just turned 16, Morgan who is 4 and little Conner who not quite 2 years old.

Jarrett is on unpaid leave to care for his wife. Currently he is driving her from Rochester to Ann Arbor 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks.

They are focused on Sarah’s battle, her healing and her happiness. Yet…. The car tank needs filled to get to treatments…. The medical bills keep coming…. The house payment need to be made… The prescriptions need to be filled… And they have no income at this time.

Imagine, in a matter of weeks, going from 2 incomes to NO income?

You may know Sarah or Jarrett…. or you may not. But we ALL know Cancer and what it does to a body and spirit, and what can do to a family.

Help us remove this financial burden on their struggling family. Please donate today. Donate if you have battled cancer. Donate if you know someone who has cancer. Donate in honor of someone you lost to this dreaded disease. We cannot let Cancer win!

Please share Sarah’s story (FB @Strong Like Sarah) so that we all can make that difference and allow this loving family to focus on the task of getting Sarah well.