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Campaign Created by: Chris Garrah

The funds from this campaign will be received by Chris Garrah.

Goal: CAD $5,000
Raised: CAD $ 745,822

Please register your offer at

We at Warroom Canada have started up the campaign in partnership with 2022 Freedom Convoy that arrived in Ottawa, the weekend of January 28th. 

Our heroic arrivals will need; housing, water, food, accommodations and shuttle services. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. This is a Canada wide rally determined to stop all mandates and return CANADIANS their rights and freedoms again. This is for all who want to contribute but cannot be there in person. This is a great way for you to be a part of this movement! 

We are looking for volunteers here in Ottawa. Please fill out registration web form linked at

A need for all levels of logistics like food prep, generators, showers, security, pylons, etc. click the link below. 


Warroom Canada a lancé le programme en partenariat avec le convoi Liberté 2022 arrivé à Ottawa, le week-end du 28 janvier.

Nos héroïques arrivants auront besoin de logement, d'eau, de nourriture, d'hébergement et de services de navette. Vos dons sont très appréciés et seront utilisés à bon escient. Il s'agit d'un rassemblement pancanadien déterminé à arrêter tous les mandats et à rendre aux CANADIENS leurs droits et leurs libertés. Il s'adresse à tous ceux qui veulent contribuer mais ne peuvent pas être présents en personne. C'est une excellente façon pour vous de faire partie de ce mouvement !

Nous recherchons des bénévoles ici à Ottawa. Veuillez remplir le formulaire d'inscription en ligne à l'adresse

Nous avons besoin de tous les niveaux de logistique, comme les préparations alimentaires, les générateurs, les douches, la sécurité et les pilons, etc.


Update #14
February 18, 2022
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Helicopters, militarized RCMP, blocking of independent media, they did not plow snow to stop other supporters from coming into the city, checkpoints, throttling internet.

Update #14
February 18, 2022
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Helicopters, militarized RCMP, blocking of independent media, they did not plow snow to stop other supporters from coming into the city, checkpoints, throttling internet.

Update #13
February 17, 2022
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New updates to the abuse of using the emergencies act (check updates page). The Ottawa protest is peaceful, please come see for yourself. There is nothing lawful about stopping peaceful protestors, and the government is using intimidation tactics. If anyone can bring bouncy castles, bubble soccer bumpers, please bring them for the weekend. We would also like to set a world record for building snowmen on the weekend!!

Nouvelles mises à jour sur l\'utilisation abusive de la loi sur les urgences (consultez la page des mises à jour). La manifestation d\'Ottawa est pacifique, venez voir par vous-même. Il n\'y a rien de légal à arrêter des manifestants pacifiques et le gouvernement utilise des tactiques d\'intimidation. Si quelqu\'un peut apporter des châteaux gonflables, des pare-chocs de football à bulles, veuillez les apporter pour le week-end. Nous aimerions également établir un record du monde de construction de bonhommes de neige le week-end !!

Update #12
February 16, 2022
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Deep Sidhu, an Actor, and activist who helped the Indian farmers rise up during the farmers\' protests against the three farm reforms has suspiciously died. In honor of Deep Sidhu, please take some minutes to read up on their brave movement in 2020, and stand up against government overreach, before it is too late.

Update #11
February 16, 2022
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Nous voulons clarifier ce que signifie l\'ordonnance d\'urgence. Sous l\'ordre des Canadiens

peuvent continuer d\'être autorisés à venir à ottawa avec leurs enfants s\'ils choisissent de s\'engager

dans des manifestations légales pacifiques.

L\'ordonnance interdit uniquement aux personnes de venir à Ottawa pour se livrer à la violence ou pour

bloquer les infrastructures critiques.

Le Freedom Convoy et nos sympathisants ont toujours dénoncé la violence. Nous voulons seulement

soutenir la manifestation pacifique.

Nous sommes ici pour protester pacifiquement et légitimement en vue de la restauration de nos droits fondamentaux

et nos libertés.

Tous les Canadiens devraient être surpris – peu importe leurs opinions politiques – 

que le gouvernement fédéral a eu recours à une mesure aussi extrême et autoritaire et que le gouvernement veut utiliser la force contre un

manifestation\' pacifique.

Nous sommes des manifestants pacifiques engagés dans des activités légales de plaidoyer, de protestation et de dissidence.

L\'ordonnance d\'urgence du gouvernement fédéral stipule clairement que cette manifestation est autorisée à

continuer tant que les manifestants sont pacifiques.

Le gouvernement tente d\'ordonner à la police d\'utiliser la force contre les citoyens canadiens qui

manifestant pacifiquement. En tant que Canadiens, nous ne pouvons pas laisser cela se produire.

Nous appelons nos concitoyens canadiens à venir à Ottawa pour exercer leur droit légal de

rassemblement et protestation. Plus il y aura de Canadiens qui viendront à Ottawa, plus il sera difficile pour

le gouvernement oblige la police à suivre leur ordre illégal.

Update #10
February 16, 2022
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We want to clarify what the emergency order means. Under the order Canadians
continue to be allowed to come to ottawa with their children if they choose to engage
in peaceful lawful protests.
The order only restricts people from coming to Ottawa to engage in violence or to
block critical infrastructure.
The Freedom Convoy and our supporters have always denounced violence. We only
support peaceful protest.
We are here in peaceful lawful protest seeking the restoration of our fundamental rights
and freedoms.
All Canadians should be surprised – no matter your political opinions – that the Federal
Government has resorted to such an extreme and authoritarian measure like the
Emergencies Act and that the government wants to use force against a peaceful
We are peaceful demonstrators engaging in lawful advocacy, protest and dissent. The
Federal Government emergency order clearly states that this protest is allowed to
continue as long as the protestors are peaceful.
The government is trying to order the police to use force against Canadian citizens who are
peacefully demonstrating. As Canadians we cannot let this happen.
We call on our fellow Canadians to come to Ottawa to exercise their legal right of
assembly and protest. The more Canadians that come to Ottawa will make it harder for
the government get the police to follow their illegal order.

Update #9
February 16, 2022
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We are still here and the truckers are protesting peacefully. Almost all the lanes throughout the downtown are open or have at least 1 open lane (minus wellington street right in front of parliament, where the main demonstration is happening). This video explains exactly what was always asked via this protest, and not to muddy it with legacy media accusations. We hope that you support us in demonstrating what we believe in, and against government overreach of citizens that just want to get on with their life. Science is on our side - please view many European countries.
Please visit Rup Subramanya, who is an independant journalist, documenting on the ground reports.

Update #8
February 12, 2022
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Feb 12th
We have updated more official social media links on (the page is currently being suppressed on social media sites). There will be links to the live stream happening today as well, please follow closely. If you are able to mirror the livestream to more sources that would definitely help out as well! Please be reminded, and remind people you know, that donating via givesendgo and other platforms is not great, as governments are stopping the donations in any which way possible. The best thing you can do it donate crypto, otherwise it is to make it down to Ottawa and hand deliver cash and/or aid. If you cannot, please work on sponsoring someone from your community to come down.

Update #7
February 11, 2022
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Please make sure you download videos like these, before they are forever censored and deleted from Youtube.

As Doug Ford addresses the protests live today, it is clear that they have embraced this protest to provide themselves with emergency state powers, to ignore our democratic process, and impose laws that will never be returned to us again. It is important that you view the media through both sides of the situation - please work hard to be an informed citizen.

Please be aware that payments through payment processors like this are always under threat of seizure, if you are able to come in person to donate cash or give it straight to the truckers is always the best bet. Otherwise, do your best to engage with friends and family peacefully to watch the protest live streams, since every other media that is being consumed, is edited to fit the narrative. Live streams are raw, and usually uncensored.

Update #6
February 11, 2022
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The main organizers Bitcoin fund is growing!
My name is Francis Christian. I am a physician and a surgeon and I stand with our magnificent Truckers for Freedom.

Update #5
February 10, 2022
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Call to Action for Veterans and First responders:
Viva Frei is one of 100s of live streamers of the ottawa protest, showing you real live videos that you can watch and make up your own mind:

Kid Carson speaks out about his opinions on the freedom convoy (goes against the censorship) and is fired.

Update #4
February 9, 2022
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Feb 9th 2022

The information that truckers are moving to Toronto is false news being spread to try to confuse future arriving convoys/people. 

Anyone arriving in Ottawa is encouraged to bring empty fuel cannisters to carry around.

trucker support:
main organizers:
largest instagram account:

Update #3
February 8, 2022
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Confirmation video for legitimacy, and donation links provided by Danny Bulford

Update #2
February 7, 2022
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Our registration form is not being used anymore. We are still accepting volunteers by signing up in person at one of our booths on parliament. Please keep up with current information, donations, and social media at where we also provide cryptocurrency addresses there for all of our supporters who use them instead.

Update #1
February 7, 2022
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The Ottawa police have started taking fuel from truckers and other families that need them to stay warm throughout the winter nights. Our team have uploaded some new videos.


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