Keep the billboards running!  Lenn Johnston is on a mission to end war and its suffering, forever.  Can it be done?  Evidence!  In 1970, musician-icon and adamant truth-seeker John Lennon posted a billboard in Times Square stating, "WAR IS OVER - if you want it."  This raised up many more voices urging an end to the war in Vietnam. US Military officials admitted that the volume of the voices for peace brought an early end to that war.  Now Lenn Johnston posts a billboard in Times Square calling for a permanent end to all war, saying, "WAR IS GONE! - if you halt it."  Adding the voices of Jesus (the "Prince of Peace") and Gandhi, he hopes people will consider the horrific suffering in wartorn places, empathize with those who cannot escape it, and raise up many new voices in a powerful chorus for Peace.  Remember, war hurts not only us humans, but also animals, pollinating insects, plants, property and prosperity.  Other wars we often forget - those against all people - include Pollutants in our food, water, air & atmosphere; the Digital Prison now being forced upon all but the wealthiest; the Geoengineering of our Earth; and Nanotech & Microtech in our bodies without our consent for the Internet of Bodies under AI totalitarian control. All types of war must be brought to a quick end, and Peace must surround our Planet!  No amount of money can ever undo torture or murder - all we can do is AVERT these with our funds and efforts.  Please support Lenn's campaign to halt all wars in perpetuity, and to bring Peace to all people!  Your support will keep billboards going for literally billions to see!  Thank you!  And Happy Christmas to you!