My name is Wanda Simerly, and I’ve been on quite a medical and physical journey the last two years. The great news is that today I’m getting stronger, healthier, and trying to get back into life. But I’m drowning in bills due to these last couple of years!  And I need help!  I’ve prayed so much, and then this website came up.  I know the Lord sent me here for you!!  He is so so good!  

Your donation and special offering would allow me to continue to recovery while still helping those around me heal from their own pain.

Two years ago, I had surgery for diverticulitis. While the surgery was successful, I suffered complications. I couldn’t walk very well, and ended up in the hospital far longer than expected. Lots of physical therapy and awesome doctors, we made great progress. And that’s the first chapter. 

The following month, I contracted Covid.  Severely.  I had friends bringing me the medical equipment and medications that I needed in my home so I wouldn’t have to suffer in the hospital. I was afraid they’d put me on a vent, and I don’t like those odds.  So there’s three more months of not working. I recovered, and went back to work as quickly as I could. Slowly at first, but finally got into a groove. That’s the second chapter   

Did I mention … I’m a therapeutic massage therapist!!  I’m an independent therapist, and I love working on my own!  I have great clients who have been so very patient with this whole crazy medical process!  My business is successful, and I love working in conjunction with surgeons, practitioners, and physical therapists to help people focus on a better and healthier well-being. The only downside to working for yourself, there’s no one to help when you’re out sick. 

After covid I continued working and getting stronger, slowly.  But I wasn’t getting better. The daily vomiting came back, and the other physical issues started to return  

On October 30th, 2022, I experienced pain like never before. Yes, worse than childbirth!  And I began violently vomiting … poop!! I know!  Crazy weird!  Trust me, that’s not an experience I’d wish on my worst enemy! It was painful, scary, and physically demanding on my body like I’ve never seen or heard of before. I began to aspirate, and a lot of that poop ended up on my lungs, and eventually I went septic. As I told my husband to call an ambulance; the pain began to come in waves. Naturally my first thought was … I’m having a heart attack at 57 years old. Once the ER determined it was NOT a heart attack, they finally found the issue.  I had TWO bowel blockages. Ok. Now that you know what’s wrong, I’m going home!  Nope.  The next 23 days (yes! 23 days) were a nightmare. I died twice, had to have an extensive surgery, didn’t have any food for 22 of those 23 days, and was weaker and drained beyond words. I returned home in a wheelchair, using a walker with supervision and proper equipment. I had to learn how to eat again because my body just wasn’t hungry anymore. I had to learn how to walk. Atrophy had set in my legs, so I was so weak!  Meanwhile, my clients are patiently waiting to see if I’d ever return to work!  That’s chapter 3!

That’s the short version of my experience. Needless to say, God has been faithful. He has been so so good to me!  And now I know if I were to die today, I know that peace!  I experienced it, twice!  But my work is not finished here. I don’t know what He has in store for me, but here I am. 

My business is very busy again!  I don’t work full time just yet because I’m still very sore and get very tired. I racked up some crazy bills from all of this.  I’ve prayed about how to get back to financial stability, and I believe this avenue is my answered prayer. My church helped so much while I was in the hospital!  They paid my bills at my shop!  They were amazing!  I was so humbled they helped me! This is my business.  Go check me out!  And if you’re close by, come see me!  

My husband has been amazing during all this  we’ve been married for almost 40 years now, and he’s an absolutely amazing man.  But his job is commission, so when he doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid either.  He’s been at his job for over 32 years, and is just amazing!  

If you find it in your heart to help, your offering will be most appreciated.  if you’d like to hear more about those two times that I found God’s peace when I came close to just going on over to His Heaven, I’d love to share that with you too!! 

Thank you and God bless!