My purpose for running in the District 32 State Senate special election; is to make à difference, Not only in that district ,but Mississippi as a whole.
In reference to the education system in Mississippi ,We need a system that helps our children with different learning styles. Such as visual, auditory,tactile,and kinesthetic. In the classrooms they're blended and causes more distractions then learning time. A student assessment is needed to determine which learning style suits each student and have them classed together for the benefit of the success.
 The reduction of crime and violence in our neighborhoods.  There's a plan of action set up for this situation. Training and community organizing to work along with law enforcement to minimize the areas of distruction in our surrounding communities.
My stand is Pro-God, Pro-Life and Pro-traditional family/marriage. I support law enforcement and all first responders. Fiscal responsibility,limited Government involvement. And protection of our religious and civil liberties.