I served as a US Naval Academy Midshipman Officer in the class of 1993 alongside Carter Page and was a whistleblower that made world headlines after exposing toxic leadership at the highest levels of U.S. Military and government that posed a national security threat. I'm now living as an American refugee in a former Soviet Bloc country and developing nation where the average salary is $ 0.50 per hour. The country I served to protect is doing more to divert Covid relief bill money to illegal immigrants, offering up to $1 Million USD in reparations to illegal aliens in the USA while failing to get much needed financial aid to unemployed Veterans, like me, who served to protect America against enemies both foreign and domestic.
I am now forced to live off the grid in the former Soviet Union after escaping China 2 hours before the last border closed on the day Wuhan Virus whistleblower Dr. Li Weinlang died. I have been trying to get some of the trillions of dollars in Covid Relief Bill help from the U.S. government for over a year and a half but the people hired to distribute the money can't seem to understand that there is a Country in Eurasia named Georgia, which is no relation to the state in the USA so I have suffered the unending frustration of incompetent government workers hanging up on me after telling me to walk over to the local unemployment office in Atlanta or Savannah which in my reality is thousands of miles away.
I can not describe in words what it feels like to find out from people in the former Soviet Union that Joe Biden is diverting $850 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to aid criminal illegal aliens, while I as a Veteran USNA Midshipman Officer and whistleblower have been left to fend for myself, near Russia and the Middle East, without speaking the native Georgian language, abandoned in Eurasia by the country I served to protect, to survive in this developing nation without any income for almost two years after turning down bribes to sell out my country and the world by selling contaminated face masks and faulty PPE to desperate unsuspecting nations, in February 2020.
As a small business owner I have been told that all the PPP loan money has been exhausted so I am now surviving as a vagabond off the kindness of strangers. The U.S. Embassy offered me a debt trap repatriation loan with strings attached, in order to return to the United States.
I've been forced to live off the grid in the former Soviet Union as an American refugee because I refuse to take the experimental Covid vaccines in order to return home to the country I served to protect as a USNA Midshipman Officer and whistleblower. I am living proof that the USA has no problem abandoning Veterans and U.S. Citizens stuck abroad.
I am an independent artist. A Google search for Victor Hugo Vaca Jr will lead you to the work I have done through Divine inspiration. My faith in God and the Golden Rule protects, propels and surrounds me with Angels. Donations from generous like-minded people from around the world fuel me and I always welcome charity with humility and gratitude. 
Please help get my story out and please donate whatever you can to help me survive as an American refugee in the former Soviet Union. Share this donation link through your social media network and circle of influence. Thanks in advance and God Bless America. Keep Shining. Flow.