Help for Tony and his Family

Campaign Created by: ryan malo

The funds from this campaign will be received by ryan malo.

Monthly Goal: CAD $1,000
Raised this month: CAD $0
Total Raised: CAD $ 1,583

o In the past 7 months Ryan Malo (creator of this GSG account) has been communicating with a young man in Uganda (27yrs old) who is taking care of his 3 brothers and 2 sisters and 5 other orphans since their parents have past away. Ryan has had the chance to become close to them and talks almost daily through the use of video calls and messages.The young mans name is Tony and was on the brink of giving up hope for him and his siblings. Since the start of helping Tony, he has been able to buy food, a solar panel, put his siblings in school, as well as help his community and other orphan children.It has been seen first hand on how a small amount can make a MASSIVE change for people living in poverty. With your kindness, we will GUARANTEE that the funds will end up in the hands of Tony and his family and be used for its proper intentions.

The goal we have set is to help buy land, dig a well, pay for food and schooling, and continue to provide other essential items like mosquito nets and mattresses. 

Please consider helping us make a substantial difference in this families life as well as their community. 

GOD BLESS and we thank you many times over 


spring 2023
April 14, 2023
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Im happy to say that things are still going strong with the support for Tony and the children - although not all donations are coming through the Give Send Go Tony and the children are doing well and have a little home that we help rent for them.  5 of the the 10 children are attending school with the help of the donations and with the help of Ryan who helps with the balances owing.    The Goal is to get them onto their own property someday and we are working to help Tony raise funds to create a business plan. There are no jobs available right now in his city so we are looking for small business opportunities in which he can start to work towards earning an income. This will allow the funds to start moving towards building something more sustainable and puts Tony in a position to help more people in the community.  Our Goal has slightly pivoted and we now see things moving towards making a larger impact on the community as a whole.  We would like to work with the local school that the children attend and the church as well.   We truly appreciate all the help that is given and it is a BLESSING for every penny received. We are open to any all questions and encourage people to reach out should they have one.  This charity is ran by real people and 100% of the money received goes towards Tony and the children whom need it.    Thank you all who have helped and continue to help.  GOD BLESS you and may he keep you safe. 


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