United We Speak Truth

Campaign Created by: Christopher Wiley

The funds from this campaign will be received by Christopher Wiley.

Goal: USD $70,000
Raised: USD $ 20

With the suppression and uprising of fake news Its been hard to know what true with the confusing information circulating in our media and communications. It has always been my goal to get the unbiased and absolute truth out to the public. This year my goal is to cover every major event with accurate information and compelling analysts. My team and I plan to be the eyes and ears for the American people delivering real-time news, footage and information to what's going on in our great country. Help me build and spread truth in our nation with your donations. All Information about donations will be posted on our websites. www.thewileylife.com & www.talkonthebloc.com. I appreciate your support. 


A Brand Built of God
December 10, 2022
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This brand was constructed because I believe the truth is a reflection of God's character. ISONE is broken up by 3 words "I Speak One" and shown IS because God "IS". God revealed himself to Moses as the "I AM" mean he is all things. Just like truth there is no alternative. One signifying the oneness of truth and the oneness of God. My desire is that we analyze and display news, entertainment and media through the lens of One truth. 


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