‘Unite the Light’ launched this week as a nationwide “chain of custody” tribute to Paul Revere’s famous ride by the light of his lantern and the awakening moments of the First American Revolution.

Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride took place on April 18th, 1775, but the Revolutionary War conflicts actually began In 1774, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Four months later, Paul Revere began his famous ride where he  alerted colonists that “The British are coming!!” as 
two lanterns were visibly hung in the steeple of the Old North Church of Boston, signaling that the enemy was approaching by sea. 

The ‘Unite the Light’ movement celebrates the contemporary awakening that is represented by the ONE  “Liberty Lantern” being carried from state to state by freedom-loving citizens across America, standing against the tyranny that is on our land today. 

The Liberty Lantern will be carried and transported by volunteers across all 50 states, commencing October 24th in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and concluding December 24th at
a point of celebration and remembrance as the light returns Eastward.  It is our 
hope all Patriots across the globe with hang a lantern in their window on this momentous night signifying hope, faith, and love uniting us all together.  Please suppoort our efforts of this massive undertaking and organization.