Recently, UncoverDC was deplatformed from PayPal. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but we have decided that GiveSendGo is a great organization and a good way for us to continue to accept the gracious one-time donations our readers have given us while previously using PayPal. 

We will not be deterred by corporate fascism. We will continue to provide honest and truthful journalism to our readers, without fear or apology.

We operate using the following principles: 

At UncoverDC we pledge to work hard to bring you the unvarnished truth, a concept the legacy media abandoned long ago. We pledge to hold our journalists to the highest of standards, relying heavily on the Journalist’s Creed as we work to uncover the facts and keep our government, institutions, and representatives accountable.

We pledge to never rush to be first but to work hard to always be factually correct. In the event an error is made, we pledge to issue timely corrections, and to ensure those corrections are front and center, receiving as much attention as the original story. We pledge to remain true to you, the public, and to always work with our three bedrock principles in mind: Truth. Integrity. Accountability.

With your generous help, we have faithfully conducted that mission for the last two years. Should you consider supporting us here, we would be eternally grateful. 

We will not falter. We will continue to share factual information with people from all over the world so that they can in turn make informed decisions. Whether you are a first-time supporter or a loyal fan, we welcome you and thank you for everything. 


The UncoverDC team