Join Real Deal Media in the Fight Against Global Government 

Independent Media has been the last bastion of hope providing humanity 
with the truth about our World.
Real Deal Media continues to maintain it's pledge to stay with you until We Win These Plandemic WARS
Steadfast & Bold, we've continued to do things our own way like no one else.
In the face of Big Tech Censorship, RDM maintained a presence Online, providing viewers from around the World,
Original Shows including News,Podcasts, Art, Music, Articles, Films and TV Specials.

"This Community is a Movement"

Forming in March 19th 2020, and continuing to present day, Real Deal Media like many non-corporate businesses,
held on by threads, in one of the darkest chapters in human history, the Plandemic War

Real Deal Media is leading the way as this WWIII is nearing it's final few chapters. 
Now as the 2024 Election Season accelerates, so do the dangers against our country and our Free Speech.

Let's Finish this Journey Together and Not Allow History to be re-written. 
Free of any Corporate ties, Real Deal Media is Viewer Supported and has always been. 
Help fuel this Operation and Take Back our World. 
- Stay Tuned.. Stay Awake