Campamento Tortuguero Playa Hermosa is a turtle sanctuary on Bonfil  Beach outside of Acapulco that rescues sea turtle eggs that would be likely destroyed by vehicles on the beaches or pilfered by tourists.   The sanctuary protects the eggs, hatches them and releases the babies into the ocean while protecting them from seagulls and other winged predators.  
The 35-year-old sanctuary is run by the mother/daughter duo of Monica and Michel Vallarino, who have helped educate the community and the tourists on the ecology of the turtles while simultaneously providing a refuge for puppies, kittens, ducks,  rabbits, and other wayward animals.
The Art of Liberty  Foundation hosted an annual fundraiser from 2018-2020 called the Art of  Liberty on the Beach (aKa The Turtle Party), where many of the leading artists in the liberty movement have rocked the sanctuary including Grant "Prezence" Ellman, Truniversal/Free Willow, Alais Clay, the  Freenauts, DJ Koala, DJ Ramiro Romani and ELA-mental among others.  
The sanctuary was devasted by Hurricane Otis, a category five hurricane that hit Acapulco and Bonfil Beach on November 2nd 2023. 

25% of Funds Raised Will Benefit Other Residents of Bonfil Beach

The Art of Liberty Foundation is organizing a fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds will go to direct relief.  The Vallarinos have agreed to share 25% of the proceeds with other Bonfil Beach residents in need to be distributed at their discretion. 

Reuters Article on the Destruction of the Sanctuary