After decades of physical labor and now medical conditions steming for said labor I have been forced to change occupations to a class A CDL. Since paying for CDL classes out of pocket I have tried for over a year to enter the CDL job market to no avail. Every employer demands private medical information ( vaccination status) as a condition of employment. I am uninfected and unvaccinated and will remain so. In order to return to my former occupation a risky surgery ( therassic outlet synonym,) is required and denied because the hospitals also demand vaccination. One of my dogs has developed "wobblers synonym" and now needs surgery as well. I have always been both able and willing to work hard to meet my obligations rather than ask for help. At this point I have no other choice, my home is at risk and I have to put it up for sale just to satisfy the mortgage. Any help I can receive would be greatly appreciated. It truly breaks my heart to be powerless to stop the downhill slide both myself and my best friend are in.