TibetAndina began in 2004 when I spent the year juggling ministry roles on both the Tibetan Plateau and the Andean (Andina) Altiplano of Peru. The first team of Peruvians (and one Mexican) ¨set up camp¨ in a remote Tibetan region in 2005. Since then, workers have come and gone, doors have opened and closed, many have heard the Gospel for the first time, and lots of hard lessons have been learned along the way. 

Some missionaries have been content with merely “planting a flag” in Tibet, gathering a few isolated believers and calling them “reached”. Others see only closed doors and hard hearts, and leave the daunting pioneer task to future generations. "The walls will come down some day", they say.

We want to combine the Gospel urgency to reach this generation of Tibetans, with a long-term plan to see all of the Tibetan peoples (which includes three major divisions and dozens of tribes) be discipled and brought under the Lordship of Christ.

No place on earth is as high and remote as Tibet. The South American Andes is its only real rival, the only other place in the world where millions of people reside (and thrive) above 12k feet. Although located on opposite sides of the globe, these two altiplanos share a strikingly similar altitude, geography, climate, and even skin tone. 

All things are not equal, however. The Andina peoples have something the vast majority of Tibetans do not: access to the Gospel. Help us build a Gospel bridge between these two unique regions, as we mobilize missionaries who are both biblically and physiologically equipped to thrive short and long-term in the highest and harshest climate in the world! 

Help us purchase 42 prime acres (river frontage, million dollar views, $1500/ac) high in the Andes which will serve as both a training ground for missionaries to Tibet, as well as a church planting hub for the unchurched Catac region of Ancash, Peru.