My name is Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, a seventy year-old former college professor of political science (1974-2007, 2014) at various colleges and universities across the United States of America and a writer of articles and commentaries of interest to traditional Catholics.

The purpose of this fund-raiser is pay expenses associated with a fall that I suffered on our property in rural Navarro County, Texas, while working with our livestock guardian dog, whose cable, unbeknownst to me, got wrapped around a boot on my right foot on Tuesday morning, December 14, 2022. Not knowing this, I walked away from our very sweet guardian dog and went down like a thud onto the ground. I knew immediately that my right hip and/or right leg had been broken as I could not move.

I called 911, but, given our rural locale, had to wait, motionless on the ground in slight drizzle, for the paramedics to arrive to take me to the hospital, where X-Rays confirmed that I had fractured my right hip, learning later from the surgeon that I had fractured the hip in four different places. I told the doctor, “Doctor, I try to be thorough in everything I do,” at which we both laughed.

The surgery, which took hours to perform, occurred on Wednesday, December 15, 2022, and I was discharged, on December 18, 2022, returning home to my wife and daughter on our small farm

Eight weeks have now passed since I fell, and the bills are now beginning to catch up with me. As our only source of regular, predictable income is my meager monthly Social Security payment, it is not possible for me to pay the bills that have now found their way to our mailbox. We need the help of those who have the financial resources which we lack to pay the medical bills and the equipment that we had to purchase during the initial phases of my recovery at home.

It is my hope that a few of my former students and perhaps some of those familiar with my writing might have the ability to make donations to us to fulfill our obligations to pay for the medical treatment, surgery and care that I received.

Although I can only repay you with my poor prayers, I assure one and all who do give that I will pray for them and their intentions every day.

With prayers in Christ the King and His Most Blessed Mother,


Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D.