The Vision News is my way to evangelism, wake up the world to the Truth, Way and The Life as a follower of Jesus My Lord. I am a artist, writer, singer and make health products for our temple of GOD, our bodies. Big Tech, corporations and others have tried to keep me from making a living with my dreams GOD gave me and my products help heal our bodies naturally. YouTube took my Sherri Lynn Ministries Page down, Facebook won't let me advertise any more and other people have also caused harm. I will not give up.

$5 per month gift will help pay for the evangelism of The Vision News and Jesus Christ. We must share the truth about what is going on in this world, Save our Children, Stop Child Trafficking, most of all sharing Jesus. I will continue to spread the truth about what is going on in our Country. I believe in our Grass roots, I took a Constitutional Oath and Love America. We The People can Save America with Jesus and coming together, learning our true History and Constitutional Common Laws.

I spend 4 hours per day on research and putting the shows together, paying for platforms and other equipment expenses. I appreciate all your support and Kindness.

May GOD Bless You and Keep You.

Sherri Lynn