The Rescue Clayton Podcast is a podcast launching to save my nephew Clayton. 

Clayton was taken by OK DHS after the unexpected death of my nephew (Clayton’s brother) Elijah at 14 months old. Charges of murder and child abuse were pressed by a bias Wagoner County investigator - who claimed this as a murder before even stepping foot on the scene. This investigator also claimed "there's no such thing as SIDS" (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) - See Documentary trailer at My parents who had legal custody of me nephews while my sister was seeking help for her drug abuse were accused and financially drained for a crime they did not commit. After 8 months in jail, in 2021 charges were dropped against my parents, but OK DHS did not return Clayton to his family. 

I am Clayton’s biological uncle, a 4th grade teacher and educator of 8 years. I have no contact with my nephew Clayton. 

This is a case of corruption and injustice. There is a professional documentary ‘Saving Clayton’ pay per view that has premiered. I personally with a producer friend out of Owasso, OK am launching a podcast to rescue my nephew Clayton. My plea for custody as a teacher and certified child care specialist have been ignored by the officials. 

Please help us have a louder voice and save my nephew Clayton. Please do your research and ask any questions you have to me and others. We are an open book. We do not make any money from the documentary as a family. All efforts to 'Rescue Clayton' are funded by donation. 

 Visit for more information. The podcast producer Morton Media has given us an amazing deal of $350 an episode per podcast to save my nephew. 

If you can sponsor and episode or do anything to help, please do.