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Goal: USD $2,580
Raised: USD $ 2,840

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For 28 years, our family has been touring the country, ministering to churches of any size without asking for a big flat amount and trusting God to meet all of our needs.  For the past 20 years or so, we have been able to cut costs, and finance our CD’s with our tax return.  We expected to do the same in 2018, but a slight hiccup this year happened, and we didn’t get back what we usually do.  Living week to week, the prospect of saving an extra $3500 isn’t something our family can do.  

We would like to give every one the opportunity to be a part of bringing these 11 new songs to life and to the ears of thousands of people across the county.

For gifts of...

$10 - or more:   All 11 songs sent to you through email as soon as we are finished recording.

$20  - or more:   A signed hard copy of the CD

$50  - or more:   The CD AND will immediately be sent demo recordings of six of these songs that no one else will ever hear.  

$100 - or more:   The previous gifts AND a special tour T-shirt that will only be available through this promotion featuring the front cover the CD.

$300 - or more:   All of that as well as a special invitation to a private cookout and concert by the Itzels. (If you live too far to travel to us, contact us and we can come up with a custom package for you)

$500 - or more:  The Itzels will come to your church or youth group and do a full concert.  (within 100 miles of us...If you live too far away, contact us and we can come up with a custom package for you)

Knowing that your support will help us reach many lost souls with the gospel might be enough, but we want to thank you by giving you some special rewards as well.We thank you all so much for your support down through the years.  Join with us to reach many souls with the biblical truths in these songs!


Update #3
October 16, 2018
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9 out of the 11 songs are recorded and we shoud finish up the final mix by the end of the month.  That means, for those of you who donated to the campaign, we'll get you the songs a month before everyone else via mp3's.  For those who got T-shirts, we will order them in November and let you know when they will be in.  We'll also be contacting you to get sizes.  Thanks for your support!  The last 2 CD's were great, but this one is better!


Update #2
August 30, 2018
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We have reached our goal and are moving forward in the recording process, but we'll leave this campaign open just in case anyone wanted to increase their donation to the next level or get in on some of the prizes like special t-shirts, demo songs, etc.

Thank you all for your help in making these songs a reality that God can use to change lives and lead people in worship to Him.


Update #1
August 14, 2018
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We have had several gifts come in by check (apart from this online campaign), so we are adjusting the amount needed accordingly.  Only 17 days left!  Please pray, share, and consider a gift to help us reach our goal by our track date...September 11th!


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