Hello, my name is Alex, and I Pastor a small church in Iowa. Working in the ministry for the past three years, I have discovered that many people are often overwhelmed when reading the Bible. Where to start, how to study, and what can be understood are often the most basic questions that arise. I have spent the better part of this year putting together a helpful guide for people looking for an easier way to read their Bible. I detail types of sermons and reading plans as these affect how someone handles their Bible. This book introduces the method of reading through the lens of Law and the Gospel. I detail various Bible stories and break them down for the reader to extract what is Law, a command from God, and what is Gospel, a promise from God.

The book is complete; I am seeking assistance covering editing, illustration, and publishing costs. I would love for your help to get this book published and into the hands of Christians. 

For those who donate more than $25 dollars, I will send you a free copy once we complete the editing process. 

Thank you and God bless