The Drip Cafe Facing Anti Christian Value Campaign

Campaign Created by: Jamie Sanchez

The funds from this campaign will be received by Jamie Sanchez.

Goal: USD $30,000
Raised: USD $ 21,682

The Drip Café in Denver Colorado is facing an anti-Christian value campaign aimed to close its doors. The self-described campaign began even before the opening of the café in early June, 2023.

The Drip Café was opened by Jamie Sanchez in support of the program, "Project Revive", a project dedicated to creating jobs for the homeless community in Denver, Colorado. Project Revive was created by Jamie as part of his Non Profit organization, Recycle God's Love. The common goal of The Drip Cafe and Recycle God's Love is to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ through helping the homeless cummunity of Denver.

The café seeks operating expenses so that no matter the damage done by the protests, the business may weather the storm, in hopes that Christ may be glorified.

Recycle God's Love displays its Christian values online. The group the Denver Communists have latched onto this public profession of faith as their reason to protest The Drip Café. The text the group has latched onto as ammunition to fuel their campaign was pulled from the website of Recycle God's Love under their "What We Hold To Be True" page.

The campaign against the Café has posted online that it has driven away dozens of customers on multiple occasions. The sidewalk outside the shop is consistently chalked with phrases like "F*ck off bigots" and "Anti-Queer Establishment" with arrows pointing toward the business. The shop front has been graffitied with spray paint saying "Bigots F*ck Off". Two shop windows have been broken. Megaphones are used to blast customers inside and outside the establishment from the sidewalk, and to yell "boo" and "shame" at anyone entering or leaving the Café. The people have blocked the doors to the establishment and stop almost every customer, telling them falsely that the Café is anti-gay, spreads homophobia, exploits homeless labor disguised as charity while also holding signs outside displaying the same phrasing. The campaign has posted false information about Jamie online and also about individuals who even associate with the Café. Reddit and social media are littered with individuals organizing "1 star" review bombs to prevent the shop from generating positive google or yelp reviews. The shop gets constant calls spewing horrible messages, including calls for the owner to "self-delete". "Protestors" follow individuals associated with the Café to their cars and take pictures of their license plate information. The campaigners have taunted the Café with chants of "You're not gonna make rent next month!". They have stated to news organizations that "Our goal is to drive them out... We want their business to not exist". Further, they have stated "We will stop protesting the Drip Café as soon as they close their business...".

The Café seeks to maintain it's mission and not be discouraged from serving the homeless, simply because of a select group of individuals. Note: It is not the LGBTQ community campaigning against the café, but a select group of self-declared "Intolerant Left Communists".

A message from Jamie Sanchez (Owner). "I am calling on the Body of Christ to support us during this time of attack by this anti-Christian group. For over 10 years, my team and I have been serving the homleless community in Denver out of the love we have felt from Christ. The Drip Cafe is meant to be a huge blessing for those struggling with homelessness. The communist group says they won't stop until we close. I am saying I will never back down from the Holy Scriptures of God our Creator".

Any initial funds received will be used for operating expenses such as:

- Rent and utilities for the duration of the lease.

- Labor costs.

- Food costs and material expenses.

- Building maintenance due to vandalism.

Any further funds received are intended to be put towards the following:

- Legal Expenses if such situations arise.

- Security (specially for First Friday events).

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Still Trusting God
December 22, 2023
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Wow, what a year it has been! We are so greatful for the support of the Body Of Christ. The Denver Communist possy continues to pester us monthly. But God is bigger. Their protest hurts the sales of the busy day of our month, but we trust God has a good plan. We are excited to announce that we are entering into the stages of hiring someone for our project to help homeless individuals out of poverty. Would you concider a year end gift to help us kick this project off? Thank you for helping us spread the Gospel. God bless you and your family. And Merry Christmas.

Vandalism again, but God is Good
October 21, 2023
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updateImage We had our window replaced and not even a week later, they broke the same window. God has been doing some amazing things here and blessing so many customers in the community. We have been able to pray with people who are hurting, and have real conversations with people who feel lost. Christ is being glorified at this coffee shop and this is a refuge for the hurting. Thank you all for your continued support. Praise Jesus, King of all Kings, the most High, The Living God. 

Update #2
August 23, 2023
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We really appreciate the support! Our goal in opening The Drip Cafe was to provide jobs for the homeless community in Denver through our project. Since the radical communist group has targeted us for our Christianity, and aimed to shut us down, we haven't quite hit our projected goals to financially support that portion of the mission. Please continue to share our story, and help us Stand On The Word! God be with you.

Update #1
August 20, 2023
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From Jamie Sanchez:

"Thank you all for helping us this far on our journey to stand firm in the midst of hate coming from the communist radicals here is Denver. We are able raise enough to fix our broken windows that were broken by these "peaceful " protestors. Our goal is to spread the love of Jesus, even while being persecuted by anti-christian groups. Your continued support will help us show this evil force that we will keep our doors open and serve in love, because we have God and the Body Of Christ behind us as one. Donations will be used for rent, staff wages and supplies to help us deploy the Gospel in new ways here. Thank you for Standing On The Word with us."


  • The protest group plans on being out to harass us on September 1st. Please pray for safety, and salvation for lost. TY
  • Our staff has a heart to Love in Jesus name, and these attacks have been a lot, pray for their strength. TY