Hello, I am Doni, the organizer The Constitutionalist Movement. America is run by a corrupt two-party system, and I want to meet with people around the country (regardless of their political positions) and bring the country back to the Constitution being the law of the Land.

We're starting off raising $10,000 to get the tour started by the last week of August in 2022. This is what the money is being raised for:
- $5000 for a camper vehicle
- at least $1000 for gas
- at least $2000 for cookout food, advertising, production, city fees, and merchandising costs
- common travel expenses (food, toiletry, etc)

The Constitutionalist Movement is not a 501(c)3 organization, nor a political party. We are Americans from all different backgrounds and completely independent of political parties, and our goal is to help educate people on the way the country is supposed to be run in comparison to the way it's currently run. We are not violent revolutionaries; we seek peaceful, lawful means of asserting our Constitutional rights. America can be restored if We the People have the will and motivation to do it.

If you want to learn more about Doni or our movement, here is how you can reach us: