The purpose of this GivesAndGo is to fund research for the purpose of publishing my research and to link my research to peer-reviewed scientific research papers by, in particular, Dr. Beverly Rubik, Dr. Robert Oldham Young, and others. The funds will be for my work and my travels to engage directly with science experts in the EMF field in Europe as well as in the USA and Canada. Further to finance the set up of a web site and to get all of my research available for free, both in written forms as well as links to video presentations.

I have been studying the possible causes of COVID-19 for 3 years. By studying public sources during 2020, 2021, and 2022. Initially, I believed there was a virus. Later, I was convinced that the C19 injections were the major cause of excess mortality, which was coming mainly after July 1, 2021, 6 months after the „Vaccination Programme" started.

Due to my special skills in data analytics and statistics, I made initial analyses of excess mortality for 2020 and did not find much in total—not higher than I had noticed earlier, like in 2015–2016.

During late 2021 and late 2022, there was a big increase in excess mortality, and I believed it was due to the harmful mRNA vaccination. However, as I started to make deep excess mortality analyses, I found there were huge variations in metropolises vs. rural or urban areas, and I could initially not understand this

Due to this, I conducted new extensive research, and I found a very strong correlation to the introduction of 5G and later 4G+ mobile communication technology. I started with about 100 municipalities in Norway and found that the excess mortality was correlated to the 5G rollout, and 43 municipalities without 5G had no excess mortality in 2020–2022, in the 80+ age group. That shut out the virus as a cause and put a heavy correlation to 5G and to vaccine injects nr 3 and 4, much more than nr 1 and 2.

After further All Cause Excess Mortality analyses for the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and finally 50 counties in California, the findings were rather clear: there is a correlation between 5G and the vaccines, and the virus narrative was not supported by the facts of all cause mortality analyses across age groups.

I have made additional research into the mass death of Kittiwake birds in Northern Norway and its correlation to 4G+ and 5G, the introduction of the Globus III radar system in Vardø, and further studies of damage to trees and bushes, as well as wildlife, in my local community in Norway.

Further, I have conducted extensive research to determine whether the public narrative of the virus connection is evaluated historically, dating back to the 1890s and throughout history, as plausible. To verify if there is solid evidence for the virus or whether EMF, or electromagnetic frequencies, may be a more plausible explanation, It will come as a surprise to many that the virus theory is very weak and the theory of radiation damage due to EMF is much stronger and more plausible.

My research has been reviewed by Dr. Robert Oldham Young, by Dr. Berverly Rubik, by Olle Johanssons of Sweden, and also by Einar Flydal of Norway, among many others.

Much of my research has been documented in reports, both PowerPoint presentations and Zoom interviews, presented in Rumble videos with Dr. Robert Oldham Young.