TexasFirst is a collaboration of grassroots groups across Texas engaged in ensuring that our voting system is accurate, transparent, and accountable. To date all of our activities have been funded out of pocket by our grassroots members, but we are falling short on covering expenses and could use your help.  

Our members are involved in manning & monitoring elections, data collection & analysis, citizen audits, training grassroots on election engagement, and legislative & legal remedies. 

We are actively involved in writing and lobbying for legislation to improve the security of our elections.  This involves bringing in experts from around the country to speak with legislators, state & county officials and grassroots groups.   

We recently hosted our TexasFirst Legislative Briefing and Guardians of Prayer Rally January 24, 2023 at the Texas State Capitol, where election experts from Texas and across the country gave a briefing on ways to improve security and increase confidence in our elections.  The briefing was followed by a Guardians of Prayer rally where pastors from around the state prayed for our county, state, legislators and activists to move us toward accurate, transparent and accountable elections.   Visit TexasFirst.org to learn more and watch videos from the event.

Please consider making a donation today to help us advance this important work.   

In Gratitude,

Elizabeth Baron & Beth Biesel

TexasFirst Co-Chairs