Im Tatjana, 26 years old from Germany and married to a Brazilian. I fully committed my intire life to Jesus in 2016. I know that it is such a short time of beeing a Christian, but since the day I got baptized I knew that I need to go “all in” if I want to be usd by God to save lifes. The day that I was born of the Spirit

That’s why I left my country and my family and moved from Germany to Brazil, where God has graciously given me and my husband the most beautiful church family in Brazil with people who are passionate to the very core to make Jesus known to the world. For the next 2 years, I will be serving at a local church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as attending their intensive seminary called “Turma Especial”
Our service

This church not only wants to lead Brazilians to the Lord, but they also want to send people into the nations. In order to do so my church, Mananciais, has a two year discipleship school to quickly grow and mature the believers within the church.

Due to the rigorous schedule of my time at the church and the church’s youth group (called "Winners") that im leading with my husband, I will be unable to work for pay. I am eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart for everyone that inking this investment in my life. I pray that every part of my life  would be used for the Kingdom. Jesus has lead me to this place to get transformed by his love and I plan to spend the rest of my life partnering with Him to see His kingdom released on Earth!