Supporting Tamara Lich

Campaign Created by: Canadian Friends

The funds from this campaign will be received by Tamara Lich.

Raised: CAD $ 74,372

Hello Freedom-Loving People!

As I'm sure you are aware, Tamara Lich has been incarcerated once again for fighting for our freedoms. She accepted the JCCF's George Jonas Freedom Award on June 16, 2022. She was then arrested 11 days later on June 27, 2022. Since being incarcerated, her and her family have experienced financial strain. Tamara has made great sacrifices for this Country and the World. Her only goal is to restore FREEDOM - that word our Government despises.

Tamara has become a political prisoner and we cannot predict what will happen next. So let's stand up and support her and her family with some financial support as they go through these difficult times. While she takes the heat for all freedom-loving Canadians, let’s show her how much we appreciate her strength and her sacrifices.

Donate today to provide some financial relief and support for Tamara and her family while we continue to fight for freedom. This fundraiser is approved by her Lawyer Keith Wilson, Q.C.


July 19, 2022
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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This campaign has been extremely successful and has surpassed our target goal.  Everyone has been extremely generous and the support brought tears to Tamara's eyes.

We are extremely grateful for all the love, generosity and support you have all shown Tamara and her family. With that we have ended the campaign as we reached our target goal and more.  The funds will help Tamara and her family during this strange and difficult time.

We ask that everyone continue to pray for her, our Country and our leadership including of course our Prime Minister.

Keep the prayers and words of support and encouragement coming! They do not go unnoticed!


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