Over the last two (2) years a vast majority of people have experienced many challenges to their health, mental well-being, financial wealth, social & family relationships and positive mental attitude. We are here to help.


BORN Licensing Corporation (BLC)

BLC is an Intellectual Property management company that has developed a project known as “The World of BORN™ (Business Opportunity Referral Network) to act as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) to help small businesses with lead generation, sales, market expansion and business expertise.  We want to create the largest and most knowledgeable salesforce and “Communal Meritocracy” in the world. BLC is responsible for all development, documentation, vetting of Projects, marketing and the commercialization of all products and services.


BORN Members

Our slogan “Learn, Do & Earn™” best describes it. To help our businesses (Vendors) sell their products and services, we pay our BORN Members to review sanctioned content (print, video, audio) with BORN Bullion Dollars (BB$s) which is our internal entrepreneur loyalty currency. Not only do BORN Members get issued BB$s for making any effort whatsoever, but we compensate them for belonging (1,000 BB$s), recruiting others (1,000 BB$s), forwarding leads, selling product and services, etc.We even issue BB$s if their lead doesn’t end with a sale.All of this will transact in “Real Time”.

BORN Members receive a ten percent (10%) discount on all purchases in TWOB™ from our BORN Vendors and will have many opportunities to convert their amassed BB$s to products and services.All BORN Vendors and participants must be a BORN Member first.Vendors are vetted by BLC, pay a licensing fee and monthly subscription fees to have access to an Online BORN Business Mall (BBM) in major cities in Canada and the USA. Note: We anticipate 100 cities with On-Line BBMs.

BORN Members are paid BB$s to join and are not required to spend a dime to flourish in TWOB™.If they wish to turn their participation into an entrepreneurial lifestyle at minimal cost, we will have coaching programs available.Where else can you “Learn, Do & Earn” and have access to unlimited business opportunities at little or no cash cost today?


Software & Platforms


We have completed our Beta Testing and Mapping. And are now ready to contract our software providers for our future requirements.We are looking to raise $200,000+ to produce the required scalable software.Based on our “paying it forward” strategy, you can imagine this is a program that can’t be managed manually.To the end, we will require an architecture that can be expandable and integrateable.

Preliminary software will include a robust CRM program to track BORN Members, a BORN Member’s Profile Landing Page Platform so they can track their progress, A Vendor’s Landing Page Platform to help focus on sales, BORN’s Contract Central to secure doer’s payments (cash & BB$s), a BORN Bullion Dollar Platform for “Real-Time” Issuance and Redemption Management, The World of BORN™ Action Portal Website, The BORN Exchange Business Opportunity Platform and The World of BORN™ Shopping Cart. These eight (8) main programs will be launched in order of requirement. We anticipate it will take fourteen (14) – eighteen (18) weeks to complete.



Donors that donate the minimum of one hundred dollars ($100) will first become a BORN Member (1,000 BB$s) and further be issued 1,000 BB$s for their donation.Note:  $1.00 = 10 BB$s. If a donor makes a larger donation, we will pro-rate the amount of BB$s. Donors will be designated BORN Member Founders and receive additional rewards and recognitions. Not to mention the many other opportunities afforded to them by participating.



          The ability to put a smile on someone’s face, give them a gift, access to an education, a potential contract, access to opportunities at no cost, puts a smile on my face!!!

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