Campaign Created by: Holly Spalding

The funds from this campaign will be received by Holly Spalding.

Goal : USD $2,000,000
Raised : USD $ 47,731

Time for the USA to support truckers standing up for our FREEDOMS! Gary's Catering is willing to send their trucks to the Ambassador Bridge and Sarnia to feed the truckers. We need to pay for the food so that truckers get a free meal. I will be working with Gary's Catering to keep food going to them daily. Let's get this rolling! Please, go and support these truckers if you are in the area. 

FYI: I have opened a bank account to receive and distribute all funds. Every penny will be documented and accounted for. I am just a Mom trying to help fight for our freedoms. But this Mom was at the TCF Center on election night, testified and signed an affidavit about the irregularities I witnessed, went to 3 DC rallies, including 1/6, a precinct deligate, the fundraising chair of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee,  and pulled her kids from public schools. I am chin deep in this fight for our country. I am looking for other organizations to help our truckers. There are 10 ports of entry from Canada to Michigan. I would like to partner up with other patriot food companies and organizations to help reach all 10 ports. Time for America to join the Canadians and fight for our Countries! 


Update #5
March 3, 2022
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Hey Friends, We gave $5,000 to Kurt Vogal and his wife to distribute to Michigan Truckers, joining the Truckers for Freedom Convoy 2022. I gave them 10 gift cards loaded with $500 each. I have currently joined The Peoples Convoy in Indiana. I am seeking out Michigan Truckers to help them with food and gas. I found 1 Awesome trucker that is from Michigan, and he brought his whole family down to participate. If you would like to see photos from the convoy and our other events, please check out our telegram channel at Truckers For Freedom Michigan. Keep sharing this GSG account and say a prayer for everyone out there fighting the good fight, for Freedom! I love all yous Patriots 💗 

Holly Spalding

Update #5
March 3, 2022
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There will be a Huge Trucker Convoy in and around Lansing on March 26th. Come join in the convoy or be at an overpass. Details are in the works. If you want to join, I will be putting out details, as I get them, on our Telegram channel; TRUCKERS FOR FREEDOM MICHIGAN. The Rally is from 2-5pm. We will be having the convoy before the rally. After the rally, there is a MAGA mixer to meet all the Trump endorsed candidates and to have a good time with Patriots that are like minded. There is a flyer to purchase tickets to the Mixer on our Telegram channel as well. I would love to meet our \"salt of the earth\" Patriots! Hope to see some of you there. 

Update # 34
February 27, 2022
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I apologize for the multiple updates previously. I tried submitting it when I had bad reception, and it wasn\'t loading. I kept hitting send and nothing was happening. Once I moved to a location with internet access, every single send went through. I don\'t know how tho delete them. Sorry, newbie here. 

So, we took a food truck up to The Blue Water Bridge on Saturday for a Freedom Rally. We fed about 30-40 supporters. Unfortunately,  no truckers showed up. They are all either on their way to the People\'s Convoy or are preparing for the Freedom Convoy!

I have contacted Rick Vogal(lead truck driver for MI), that is meeting up with the Freedom Convoy in Indiana. I am giving his Michigan team $5,000.00 in Visa gift cards to use for gas and food. 

I will be personally, meeting up with the People\'s Convoy, in Ohio, where I will seek out Michigander Truckers to give money to. Another $10,000 is going to Canadian truckers that have big plans to rally with our US truckers.

I have started a Telegram channel called, "Truckers For Freedom Michigan". I will be posting photo\'s and video\'s of where your money is being spent and people that are receiving it. Join there are keep sharing the GiveSendGo to people you know. We will never give up our Freedoms! God Bless all you patriots! 

Upcoming event
February 22, 2022
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Hey friends, 

We will be using some of the raised funds to feed truckers and supporters on Saturday,  February 26th.  

There is a FREEDOM rally at The Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. 

Freedom Rally

Saturday,  February 26th

Noon till 3pm

At the Riverfront behind the Double Tree Hotel

Come and show your support for Canadian and American Truckers! Bring flags and signs! 

No mandates! No Great Reset! 

Hope to see you there! 

Holly Spalding 

2/12/22 Blue Water Bridge!
February 13, 2022
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We sent a food truck up to The Blue Water Bridge today. We were there from 11:30 till 6:30. We froze our butts off with all the protesters on the US side. Thank you Gary\'s Catering, Ivy, and Ronny. We need contacts on the Canadian side to get food over the border. If you know of a contact, please message me here or I am on telepram under WeThePeopleWantJustice 

We will continue sending food trucks to the Ambassador Bridge & The Blue Water Bridge. Any other CA/MI port protest coordinators can contact me and I will get a food truck to you. 

Keep fighting Truckers and supporters! We stand with you!

February 11, 2022
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Today, 2/11/2022, we delivered an entire car full of food to the Truckers at the Ambassador Bridge. We couldn\'t get our food truck over to Canada, so a Patriotic Canadian drove over here and we filled her car, to the brim. Thank you Truckers! Don\'t bend, don\'t break! We stand with you! More food to come. We need help getting the food over the border. We will be heading to the Blue Water bridge this weekend. Keep sharing this GiveSendGo! 


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