To All Citizens of the United States of America – BE IT HEREBY KNOWN:

On January 6, 2021 over 1 Million US Citizens, with a great love for their country, descended upon Washington DC from all across the United States to petition their Government for redress of grievances and to participate in a Rally for Election Integrity, in which President Donald J. Trump spoke.  The events of that fateful day grew gradually from a peaceful protest to unrest to clashes with Capitol Police, the DC Metro Police Department, the National Guard, and other law enforcement organizations.  Since that day Main-Stream-Media, politicians and judges from all three branches of the United States Government, and multiple US Government Agencies have erroneously called this a planned and coordinated “Armed Insurrection” predominantly led by “Racists, White Supremacists, and Domestic Terrorists”.  Preliminary facts, truth, evidence, and Eye-Witness accounts paint a starkly different picture! 

The events of January 6th – more than any other event in the history of our great nation – has shown all US Citizens one thing very clearly: the US Government – in concert with Main-Stream-Media – will use an event THEY helped orchestrate, weaponize it, and use it to Politically Persecute those that threaten their lust and greed for power.  The very institutions that orchestrated the events of that day are now also the very ones “investigating” those events – and this willful, determined, and intentional cover-up of their own actions cannot be trusted by the American People. The American People deserve to know the truth of what happened that day, who was involved, to what extent the major players were involved, and what the TRUE STORY is.

The Peoples January 6th Commission is a huge undertaking with lots of moving pieces, resource requirements, and activities that will be required. As such, we are asking for the help and support of all American Patriots, Christians, and Constitutionalists to help us in this endeavor.  All funds raised will go towards investigation and research costs; FOIA Requests; Lawyer and Legal costs; Technology, Computer, and Software costs; Podcast costs; PBA (Public Broadcast Announcements) and Advertising Campaign costs; and, other general overhead costs.  There is no way we could do this without your help and support. 

We also invite you to sign our petition at and sign-up for our our newsletter at  Thank you so much for your help and support - very much appreciated!!