On March 6th I sat in a coffee shop and filled out countless applications to every Red Cross bordering Ukraine and all the disaster response teams I could find with boots on the ground. Young children are leaving their country with their entire lives stuffed inside a Spider-Man backpack and if I can make that a little less painful then that’s more than enough reason to get here and do my part.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do this alone, before I left, I laid the groundwork for “Tennessee for Ukraine” but couldn’t launch anything until I knew the actual situation in Ukraine.

I arrived here on March 17th.

Ukraine has been under attack by Russia for 134 days now
Millions of refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine, while hundreds of thousands are left behind. Evacuation and humanitarian aid are increasing exponentially and are needed now more than ever.

Lots of people remain trapped in areas of escalating conflict and, with essential services disrupted, are unable to meet their basic needs including food, water and medicine. Tons of elderly folks are stuck in ruins because of the inability to transfer themselves.

The reality on the ground calls for immediate action.

Civilians are not only being caught in crossfires but, are also being targeted.

Those who are stuck in cities under siege are critically low or completely out of necessities like food and water. Frontline hospitals are running out of insulin, iodine, and other essential medicines which local governments are unable to replenish.

Tennessee for Ukraine Evacuates people from the attacked cities, towns and villages. TN for Ukraine helps directly support the purchase & transport of vital supplies to the heavily affected areas of Ukraine

We've teamed up with Eastern European Outreach, an organization which has been operating within Ukraine for decades now and has access to a large network of distribution centers, warehouses, trade routes, and a huge list of people who need help.

We are currently on the ground here in Ukraine, evacuating people from extremely dangerous places and are delivering aid to high-risk areas. You aren't donating to a big organization, you are donating to my team and I, so you will be able to see your contribution work in real time.

Your contribution would help directly finance:

- Extraction of civilians from high-risk areas 

- Shipments of food/water

- Shipments of medicine

- Transportation of goods

- Vehicles & vehicle maintenance

If you would like to stay up to date on what's going on follow us at @TennesseeForUkraine on all major platforms.

 If you have any questions or would like to contribute in a different way my email is 


Thank you,