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We at The Lions of Liberty have fought to help secure our elections by monitoring the ballot drop boxes in Yavapai County in northern Arizona.  Even though we operated legally, we are now being attacked by anti-Americans who are trying to destroy the First Amendment and this country.  We were served last Friday afternoon, October 28, and will be in court Monday, October 31, because of alleged voter intimidation.  They are coming for all of us, but we're the first.  Read more below.

In order to secure our elections and verify that every vote counts, we at The Lions of Liberty started Operation Drop Box.  Operation Drop Box was an all-volunteer operation that consisted of individuals watching the ballot drop boxes throughout Yavapai County in Arizona in order to verify that no one would stuff the ballot boxes with fraudulent ballots.  We operated under the First Amendment.  The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  We were specifically operating under "...the right of the people peaceably to assemble..." as we were assembling " petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  Our operation was a protest of the ballot drop boxes because they are a weak point in our election process.  

Before we proceeded, we contacted local elected officials to verify what we were doing was well within the law and with that, they showed support.  Proceeding, we had trained the volunteers to stay far enough away from the drop boxes as to not possibly intimidate anyone.  If we noticed anything suspicious, we would take pictures and/or video then forward the information to the county Sheriff and no one else so they could properly investigate.  

As we continued, we were threatened with a lawsuit by the Protect Democracy Project in the media and then shortly thereafter members of our board had received a Cease and Desist order.  The seven board members met on October 19 to decide what to do.  We are all Christians and felt God had called us here and we were being tested to see if we really meant what we said in our mission statement, "To support and defend the Constitution and our God given rights therein; And to this end we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor..."  As such, the choice was clear, proceed forward and send an email out the same night declaring such.

Last week, we discovered a federal lawsuit was brought against us by both The League of Women Voters and Protect Democracy Project, collectively the Plaintiffs, associating us with Clean Elections USA.  We've had no contact with Clean Elections USA.  As we looked into Clean Elections USA, we saw some of their tactics we did not agree with and as such, on October 26, we withdrew our sponsorship for Operation Drop Box and contacted the Plaintiffs with the request that we be dropped from the lawsuit.  They refused to agree to this.  This past Friday afternoon, October 28, some of us found out we were summoned to court, others yesterday, Saturday, October 29th.  Given this short notice, on Monday, October 31, we will have to lay down our lives and appear in Federal Court without the benefit of representation.  

Right now, the rights guaranteed to us under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution are under assault by these anti-Americans who care less about securing our elections and more about destroying the First Amendment rights of the people of America.  When The Lions of Liberty decided to do this operation, we did it with the specific intent that every vote would count, whether Republican or Democrat, and there would be no questions about the integrity of our elections.  That is one of the things that we find most dangerous about the election of 2020, that so many legitimate questions exist, and we wanted to avoid this recurring in the current election.  We are America, we are the shining city on the hill and it's our duty as American citizens to help secure this country because for far too long we've let the bad happen without fighting it.  And even more so, we are a nation blessed by God and we can no longer sit back as this nation is destroyed by those who would do us all harm in order to gain power and money.

I said the First Amendment is under assault and I do not exaggerate.  The First Amendment guarantees, "...the right of the people peaceably to assemble..."  We were peaceably assembling on public property.  We were at the local government offices, parked in our cars, bothering no one, only trying to keep an eye out for those who would harm the integrity of our elections.  Now, The League of Women Voters and Protect Democracy Project have come against us.  Additionally, they are coming against our guarantee " petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  As this is how we are presenting our grievances.  These anti-Americans, and that's what they are, do not want us to be able to bring our grievances to the government.  And their assault goes even further beyond that, it goes right to the core of our freedom of speech, "...abridging the freedom of speech..."  We have legitimate concerns and we are not doing what we are in order to cause chaos in this nation, but instead this is done to pacify the tension.  Why do these individuals not want us to have an election with a level of integrity that America can be proud of?  Again, we are the shining city on a hill; we are the salt and light of the earth; we are the ones the world should look to in order to feel calm because this was a nation built by God using godly men in order to do it.  And it is not only us at The Lions of Liberty who have come under assault, but it is you, the American citizens, who have come under assault also.  These anti-Americans want to destroy your first amendment rights, they want to destroy this nation, and we are the ones standing in the way.  

As such, we need to secure funding in order to hire a lawyer to help represent us and, in essence, represent you.  Now we are standing up and The League of Women Voters and Protect Democracy Project have come against us.  This isn't the fight we were looking for, but it's here.  Now The Lions of Liberty are calling out to fellow patriots all across the nation, those who want to protect this country we have been gifted by God.  The Lion is roaring, now's the time for pride to return and defend its nation.

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Update #1
November 1, 2022
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To The Lions of Liberty:

Our most sincere apologies, as we don't normally inundate you with Emails. Unfortunately we have been put into a tough position. As many of you know we were required to appear in federal court this morning in regards to the Lawsuit brought against us from the League of Women Voters and The Protect Democracy Group. We had attempted to have this issue settled before having to appear in court but the Opposing side would not let that be. When we arrived this morning we were asked by the Presiding Judge if we had issued our stand down order and if we had plans to restart our sponsorship of operation drop box. We said that we had no plans to restart Operation Drop box and we swore that in court before the Judge. He then asked the plaintiff if they would dismiss us from this case, to which they agreed. After we had left the stand and had our seat the plaintiff made sure to have it on record that the dismissal was Without Prejudice, meaning that they can sue us again if they decide to.

To this end it looks as if the fight for free speech is not over, it is also interesting to note that this is in federal court, as they are trying to make this a federal issue, in which it is not. Voter rights and voting is a states rights issue, based on the ninth and tenth amendments. We are anticipating being drawn back into this fight, maybe not for this election but maybe for future elections. So we are going to continue to ask for your support on our Give Send Go Campaign. Rest assured that all the funds received thru this campaign will only be used for Legal Fees, whether as defense or offence. This fight is far from over. We will count this a Win for now but the bigger battle for the soul of our nation is not finished yet and we have lots more work to do. We thank all of you for your support and we give God the glory in leading us in the right direction with our actions to see this win thru. 

Take Care and God Bless,

Nick Cilano, Toby Fox, Jim Arroyo, Luke Cilano,, James Johnson, Brian Mounsey, Bruce Mounsey


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