The need to have the TRUTH spoken is more vital now than in the last 50 years. Preventing truth from being told happens everyday. WOKE-ness and political correctness is on the attack. The Lord has burdened us for many years to stand for truth. Our church helps ministry reaches out to churches to ensure they are truly standing for the TRUTH. We added Hold Fast The Truth Ministries a number of years ago to emphasize this in our ministry. Our son, Nathan, for many years has been led by the Lord to serve in radio ministry. He has worked in radio now for 15+ years. In the last several years, he has been burden to expand the outreach of radio to as many areas as the Lord will provide. The purpose is not to just play good music but music that tells the TRUTH while incorporating programs that deal with today's issues with solid TRUTH to battle the enemy. WHFT-DB internet radio station is the beginning. We are looking for support to purchase the needed equipment to start the first stages of a studio. The second stage will be to develop several genres of broadcast to cover the needed areas to tell the TRUTH. The third stage will be to add radio stations around the county to help service local areas and to help local churches stand for the TRUTH. Partner with us in this endeavor.