Campaign Created by: Gregory & Stephanie Schlueter

The funds from this campaign will be received by MASS IMPACT.

Goal: USD $125,000
Raised: USD $ 17,350

Because your home should be the most formidable place of ongoing faith engagement. And it can be.

Think of the best faith event you've ever attended. What if that could be your home. Among all members of your family. All the time. Based upon the testimony of those who have overcome every type of family difficulty, we proclaim that homes can become the kind of vibrant, faith-filled, joyful places all would choose over any other place.  

Supreme Makeover: Home Edition is an epic, big-picture vision and mission to transform entire communities through homes (read the inspiring "origin story" and get onboard: With your help, we will extend our transforming movement to an entire community. As we are successful in the Toledo, Ohio area, we will reach further. We need your help. 

What it looks like. Led by a team of dynamic families who've been living this mission, we will begin in September guiding weekly small groups of husbands and wives (respectively) who will journey more deeply into the heart of the Gospel.  Once a month their entire families will gather for formative evenings. This eight-week season will culminate with Sanctus: Eucharistic Family Revival (November 3-4) led by the incredible Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, leading into Advent with weekly Presence for Christmas events, which will reverberate throughout the community reaching further in subsequent seasons! 

The most beautiful thing is that SMHE is not just "another program." It does not end. It is not limited to a particular parish or church. Or dependant upon a pastor. Families are ennobled with their God-given appointing and anointing. They will learn to mentor and be mentored. They will be given the tools and ongoing support to live it in their homes in an ongoing way. Not simply to be filled, but to overflow. Because when we encounter a very good thing, we can't help but share it. We can't help but invite others. This is how the Kingdom grows.

We humbly ask for your partnership. To impact 200 families, our material and program costs for these events alone are about $25,000. In addition, right now we are needing solid, organizational sustainability. At present, we are so blessed by friends whose monthly partnership covers about 50% of our operational costs. To reach 100%, we are setting a goal of an additional $5000/month. (To sustain our strategic vision over the next two years we are seeking $125,000.) Please consider becoming a monthly partner at any level. 


We warmly welcome a conversation. If this mission reverberates in your heart as it does with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to connect directly with Image Trinity | Mass Impact leaders, Greg or Stephanie Schlueter, with any questions or considerations. Please text your interest and availability: (814) 449-8808.

Holy Spirit, come! 

Mass Impact | Image Trinity
A 501(c)3 Movement. | (814) 449-8808



September 12, 2023
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Greetings in Christ Friends!

We hope this message finds you and your family well! As fellow Catholic business leaders, we share a deep commitment to upholding the sanctity of marriage and family values. While we continue battling threats in the political arena, the very foundation of civilization, both now and for future generations, is the home
(Pope St. John Paul II). That is why today we are reaching out to you with an invitation to join us in supporting the impactful Catholic marriage and family movement of Mass Impact.

On November 3-4, Mass Impact will be leading an extraordinary event, Sanctus: Eucharistic Family Revival, with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. This Diocesan-sponsored gathering aims to strengthen and revitalize families through the power of the Eucharist. In preparation for this momentous event, an 8-week journey called Supreme Makeover: Home Edition will engage and inspire Catholic couples and families on a profound level. These initiatives, along with their top national podcast and radio program, Ignite Radio Live, and numerous other endeavors, are truly making a difference.

Through our involvement with Mass Impact, we have experienced the blessings of a vibrant community of Catholic business leaders. We come together regularly for Belief and Beverage Nights where we enjoy enriching evenings with world-class speakers. Moreover, Mass Impact actively promotes our businesses through their extensive multimedia, web, and social media platforms, and events.

Today, we humbly request your financial support in strengthening the foundation of this movement. We have been diligently working to establish sustainability through monthly partnerships, and we are pleased to announce that we have reached the halfway point. However, there is still a collective need of $5,000 in monthly partnerships to ensure the continuity and growth of this essential work. We are also seeking $125,000 in gifts to cover the cost of impactful events and strategic build-out over the next two years.

If you prefer not to donate digitally, please see and return THIS. Mass Impact President, Greg Schlueter (814/449-8808), or any of us would be delighted to speak with you to answer any of your questions.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and continued dedication to upholding the principles of Catholic marriage and family life. Together, we will create a lasting impact. Please be assured our continued prayers.

United with you in building the Kingdom in this region,

Walt & Liz Erickson, Interstate Commercial Glass & Door | (419) 340-4314
Jeff Barefoot, Ressourcement | (419) 944-7488
Rich & Connie Cronin, Cronin Auto Family | (419) 297-7033
Kevin Kelly, SJS Investments / Schwab | (419) 509-2878
Terry & Laurie Langenderfer, Caruth Studios | (419) 343-5140
Dr. Martin & Shannon Schlueter, Summa Health | (330) 753-1001
Tobias & Lisa Schlueter, Ogletree Law | (630) 697-9034

June 16, 2023
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It was a warm Saturday morning fifteen years ago in Erie, Pennsylvania. I was in the back yard armed with clippers. Steph was gone. Our six children were playing. One higher branch was taunting me: "I dare you! Take that 'do not stand' step! Come at me!" The next thing I remember I was on the ground. Blacked out. Not able to breath. Five ribs screaming. My wrist twisted in a way I didn’t think possible.



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