StoryChannel Satellite TV shines the Light of Jesus Christ directly into every North African home!

StoryChannel undertakes one of the most challenging tasks in the broadcast field, dedicating an entire 24hr channel to languages with essentially no media representation.  Broadcasting throughout the key Berber population areas of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Niger, Mali and the diaspora in Spain and France, StoryChannel has a powerful ministry among the unreached of the region.   

It is the only TV channel broadcasting the Truth in the local languages of the over 40 million unreached Berber people who have not yet heard the Gospel and who have virtually no access to the saving message of Jesus Christ.  Satellite TV in the region is gradually being replaced by web-based media...

But that transition has not happened yet!  

Satellite TV continues to be a powerful platform for evangelism and discipleship since literally every household in the region spends hours watching satellite TV every day! 

The time to act is now!  

StoryChannel TV only has 10 - 15 years to maximize on this powerful resource that securely delivers full access to Biblical Truth directly into each and every livingroom!  

Will you help us in our mission to declare the Truth through satellite TV?  

We want to see StoryChannel TV stay on the air for as long as satellite TV continues to be a powerful means of outreach.  The channel has one goal: declare the Truth of Jesus to the masses 24/7 – in the local dialects of the people and in a way that is untraceable and unblockable by local authorities in countries where it is challenging to follow Jesus. 

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