Greetings.  Although I am very blessed with the exponential growth of I need your help to defray the growing cost of bandwidth. is growing each month.  More than 1500 new visitors come to every day.   The site generates on average between 3 million and 6 million hits per month. While I am grateful for this increasing growth, the traffic has caused major slowdowns in page load speeds. 

As a result, I have once again upgraded the servers.  This has increased the loading speed dramatically.  Anyone who has visited in the past knows that it could take up to 5 minutes for the page to load due to the high traffic and 100's of gigs of downloadable content.  This is no longer the case. is loading faster than ever before, but this speed comes at a high price.  

This appeal is help defray the increased $2500 annual cost for hosting and bandwidth.  A donation of any amount will help me keep operating optimally into the future.   God bless you all, for your support.

Thank you