I have decided to speak out against CRT being pushed at Hasbro. CRT, or Critical Race Theory in its simplest definition is "the academic justification for why discrimination based on race is actually a good idea". 

If the youngest generation of Americans are taught that racial segregation is the correct path, then as a country we will find ourselves in a future where white children are told no matter what they do, they're violent oppressors of minorities; while the minority children are told they can't succeed in society because they're perpetually and forever oppressed. 

CRT directly opposes the dream of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who dreamt of a world where we would judge each other by our actions and character, not by the pigment of our skin. Critical race theory preaches that we should treat each other as members of a racial group in order to be "anti-racist". What they won't admit is that to be an "anti-racist", you must racially discriminate. 

I refused to sit back as this harmful ideology is being pushed onto children, knowing that whistleblowers generally lose their jobs, and sometimes have their identities attacked or defamed. I had to bring attention to this; I don't want a future divided by race and hatred. 

If you're able, I would greatly appreciate any support you are willing to share. 

Thank you,