Supporting Political Prisoner James Costello

Campaign Created by: Samuel Melia

The funds from this campaign will be received by Samuel Melia.

Raised: GBP £ 3,060

On November 16th 2023 James Costello was jailed for 5 years. He was on trial for the content of a website relating to his chosen religion, Creativity, and found guilty on 19 counts.

With no-one having suffered from this religion or website, the British state raided James' home in 2021, arresting him yet failed to bring charges until over a year later. James was on unconditional bail up until his sentencing, showing that the state did not actually consider him any sort of danger to the public, but will now be facing a minimum 2.5 years imprisonment.

To highlight the extent of injustice; the judge who jailed James, one Andrew Menary, had previously given a paedophile caught with over 1,100 child abuse images, including 207 photos and 49 videos graded as category A – the most serious category involving child rape, a suspended sentence. As in, no jail time at all. 

This fundraiser is raising money for James while he's held as a political prisoner of the tyrannical British state. Money will be sent to his commissary funds at his request while he's inside and to help him find his feet upon his release.


You can write to James!
December 3, 2023
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We are now able to write letters to James Costello using the below details:

James Costello
HMP Liverpool
68 Hornby Road
L9 3DF

Please do reach out to him and send him a letter or a Christmas card. I believe you have to include a name and return address with a letter but postcards don't require this.

To ensure your letter gets through its best not being too political. We have had some issues with getting letters through to others for this reason.


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