Sun Hills Riding Centre Osoyoos BC

Campaign Created by: Jayne MacIntyre

The funds from this campaign will be received by Sun Hills Riding Centre.

Goal: CAD $10,000
Raised: CAD $ 4,100

Dave and Sherry of Sun Hills Riding Centre in Osoyoos, BC are my brother and sister-in-law. Over the last 5+ years they have guided hundreds of families safely through the beautiful South Okanagan landscape, and taught many people, children and adults, horsemanship and riding skills, sharing their affection for the big beasts.  Sherry is fully trained and in the process of becoming certified to provide Equine-Assisted Learning and Wellness services to those who don't want to ride but want to experience the benefits of being around horses. She has been providing these services pro-bono.

On July 29th 2023 at around 10pm, the horses of Sun Hills Riding Centre were evacuated from their home in Osoyoos, BC with almost no notice due to the rapidly spreading Eagle Bluff Wildfire. The unique desert area of Osoyoos is mainly brush, making the fire fast-moving and intense.  As the flames engulfed the hillsides surrounding the stables, the horses were quickly loaded onto horse trailers with the help of volunteers from ALERT and moved to safety 20 kms away. Thankfully no persons or animals were injured during the evacuation.  Due to the severity of the situation, unable to pack much else, Sherry followed Dave and the horses in their car with with their 2 senior cats, senior Mexican rescue dog and 7 month old pup.

The evacuation order was lifted a couple of days later and Sherry and Dave were permitted home along with all the animals on the afternoon of Monday July 31st. 

Their trails are mostly intact with some burned sections.  Some of the trails are not safe to be taken as it would hazardous to the health of the horses and guests. The health and safety of their guests & horses are Dave and Sherry's top priority. 

And, now the smoke...

And, also the Provincial State of Emergency (SoE) due to numerous out of control wildfires in the BC interior. The Provincial SoE has enacted a travel ban to their region. Sun Hills Riding Centre has not been open due to the risks associated with exposure to poor air quality and the travel ban. This is the high season for Sun Hills Riding Centre.  They depend on the income from trail rides to provide for the horses for the entire year.  The income they receive in July and August are paramount to their ability to continue.

Dave and Sherry pour their hearts into these 9 horses, most of which are rescued from neglect, abuse, and/or the meat industry.  Many of them required extensive rehab when they aquired them due to the prior neglect they endured.  There is no assistance available to Dave and Sherry as the property they rent does not have farm status and did not sustain any damage. Yet the horses continue to require feeds, medications and supplements and shelter. 

Currently, funds are needed to meet these on-going requirements. They are really hoping to be able to operate again once the Provincial State of Emergency is lifted.  It is in effect until September 4th, 2023.  Hopefully, it will not be extended.  The current goal is set to offset loss of income for August.  I will post updates and pictures as we go along. You can read more about them and the horses at

Sincerely, Jayne M.


Good Bye August!
September 1, 2023
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Hi Everyone!

 The month of August has come and gone and I have to say, I’m not sad to see it go. It has been rife with hardship for many people in so many different ways. The change of season feels like it’s right here. Any day now, I expect to feel that crispness of fall mornings. Hallelujah!

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the outpouring of help people have given us. You’ve truly helped us bridge the gap left by a shattered tourist season. I’ve said it before; every share, every prayer, and every penny helps. 

We’ve been staying out of trouble, mostly. We’ve been lightly schooling the “boys” in preparation for our fall riding lesson program and taking out the odd trail ride. We’ve been very conscious of the air quality and limiting the amount of exercise we provide the horses as we don’t want them to have any preventable long-term effects from the smoke. They’ve started a supplement called Lung Flush. We usually do two cycles of it a year, but they’re getting a bonus flush right now. Thankfully, we had a heavy rainfall the other night and it seems to have washed the smoke away. Yay! 

One of our good friends sent us a donation along with this gorgeous card. Walter thought he’d try to show up the pretty bird with a bit of pretty boy posing himself. 

Thanks again everyone. Come visit and collect a big hug!

 Sherry & Dave

August 28, 2023
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August 27th
August 28, 2023
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Once again thank you everyone for your continued support we really appreciate it. The horses are doing well! Some cough now and then from the toxic smoke that lasted almost a week, but they all seem to be in good general health. We are currently giving them a lung flush to help remove any toxins that could cause respiratory distress. 

We have some customers but the numbers are substantial down compared to past August’s which is traditionally our busiest month. Here are some of the  horses today resting after their lunch and ride! Thanks again everyone!

Today Was A Good Day!
August 24, 2023
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Hey Everyone.  

We wanted to reach out and thank everyone for their generous sharing.  Every thought, every prayer, every penny helps.

Today was a great day in the neighborhood.  We had a good soaking rain last night which helped to drastically improve the air quality. The skies were clear enough that we were unable to look directly at the sun like we have been for the last week.  We, actually, for reals, took the horses out for a short walk today.  They haven't been out of their paddock for a week!  The boys really enjoyed their walk, however we were very careful to keep it short and not taxing as they've been inhaling dense smoke for a week now.  They've been so bored. We've ordered and are just waiting for a supplement called Equine Lung Flush to arrive.  We normally treat the lads with this twice per year, once mid-summer and again at the end of our riding season. They're getting a "bonus" treatment this summer.  Good thing they love it!

The BC Provincial Government lifted the travel ban to parts of the Okanagan at midnight last night.  This means tourists are welcome back to our beautiful little town of Osoyoos! This town depends on tourism to keep it alive.  Hopefully, the air quality will continue to improve and we can look forward to having a great fall season. 

Dave and I think it's important that you know what your donations will be helping us with.  These aren't a bunch of bicycles or scooters that can be shelved until we need them again.  They require food, shelter, and a plethora of etceteras all year 'round.  Our hay costs range anywhere between $16K and $20K per year.  If that seems like a big spread that's because it is.  Hay prices can vary widely according to availability, quality, and demand. We try to purchase our hay for the entire year as it's more economical and of consisent quality that way. Some of the lads are a little sensitive to abrupt changes in their diets. We also provide the horses with various supplements, minerals, and chopped hay cubes. Those are divvied up according to the individual's requirements.  We spend about $6500 per year on those items. Then there's the boarding costs.  We don't own our property. We board the horses at Desert Park in the summer and then send them off to "storage" for the winter.  I can hear Dave scolding me for calling it storage.  Ha! They go to a pasture in the winter where they have unlimited access to hay and horsing around. The annual costs for boarding the horses are over $13.5K. Then, there are the other costs such as veterinary fees and medications, equipment costs, insurances and other incidentals. Horses ain't cheap, but they're totally worth it! 

Thanks again for all of your help and well-wishes.  We appreciate it more than you know.  We have been unable to operate for most of August and the end of July due to fires and smoke.  These are the times that we earn the greatest portion of our income that provides for the horse's year-round care. This photo of Dave on Cisco and leading Roy is from today's beautiful walk.  


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