While struggling with PTSD, Depression & Anxiety for years with a new baby I'm fund raising for help paying rent & buying baby items. I'm being evicted with my 3 month old baby girl. When I was pregnant I had gotten preeclampsia & couldn't work. My ex started pretending and lying about paying my rent  for 2 months straight. When my baby was 2-3weeks old her he ran away with his secret pregnant girlfriend. 2 weeks later I found out I was getting evicted & he lied he hadn't paid my rent in months. I found out when the constable came to serve eviction. I have to be out before April 1. I don't have a job yet because of things that happened to me during childhood I'm terrified of being separated from my baby girl or not having her in my site at all times because she can't talk and isn't potty trained. The thought of someone else changing her pamper alone worries me to pieces & keeps me hyper vigilante. When I was a child my mother allowed men to molest me for money. That has created a 24/7 major urge to protect to my baby. I'm also trying to start a cleaning business so I can be with my baby a lot.Since giving birth to her I've had to increase my regular therapy. I'm going through a struggle to maintain my sanity & to be a good mother by keeping a safe place to live. I'm grateful & appreciate any and all help given .And ask that everyone please keep us in your prayers